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Important information about the new network range

  • We've abandoned the range. The new network range has changed to
  • LAN is on, gateway, dns
  • WLAN is on, gateway, dns

Here a list of important IP addresses:

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 Function
powerbar.ti N/A Tha thing to control tha lights
printer eastside N/A HP Color laserjet 1600 connected to Voodoo1 computer
indicio.ti N/A MPD server
printer westside N/A HP 4050 printer in the aux room
DHCP range LAN - N/A LAN network DHCP range
Reserved for static addresses - N/A Reserved for static addresses. If you want to claim one, add yours to the list
powerbar2.ti N/A Auxilary room powerbar controller

Public IP Addresses

Currently we have 3 IPv4 addresses. The IPv6 comes through a tunnel via Hurricane Electric.

Address Reverse DNS name Purpose Main public facing IP, connected to Vyos router Public IP for StanleyH Public IP address for services, connected to Vyos router
2001:470:1b15:162::/64 N/A Routed /64 subnet which comes with our tunnel
2001:470:7894::/48 N/A Routed /48 subnet assigned to us

Reserved IP Ranges

Ranges reserved for Techinc Services and may not be used without consent from the contact Person.

Range Start - Range End Range Name Range Description Contact Person

Virtual Machines

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 Function Contact
srv1.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::1:1/112 ISPConfig Mattronix
monitoring.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::2:1/112 Monitoring server Andreasr
backup.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::3:1/112 Backup Server Mattronix
quassel.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::4:1/112 Quassel Server Mattronix
vpn.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::5:1/112 Openvpn Server Piele
ns1.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::6:1/112 Bind dns server Piele
cloud.ti N/A Owncloud Mattronix
ldap.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::8:1/112 LDAP server Mattronix
paste.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::9:1/112 Paste server Webmind N/A VPS Server Mattronix
sip.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::12:1/112 SIP server Mattronix 2001:470:7894:1337::13:1/112 GIT Server Mattronix
pxeboot.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::14:1/112 PXE boot server Piele
ltsp.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::15:1/112 LTSP Muse 2001:470:7894:1337::16:1/112 Realitygaps
ftp.ti N/A space internal public ftp server Piele
im.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::18:1/112 Mattronix
pad.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::19:1/112 Piele
nginx.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::20:1/112 Reverse Proxy Techinc Piele
sis.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::21:1/112 SIS server Justa
ansible.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::21:1/112 Deployment Server Mattronix 2001:470:7894:1337::23:1/112 cjdns node to Hyperboria, contact Piele for peering Piele 2001:470:7894:1337::24:1/112 Techinc Mail Server mattronix 2001:470:7894:1337::25:1/112
reserved.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::26:1/112 webmind
codeasm-minecraft N/A codeasm-minecraft-server CodeAsm
realitygaps-shardik 2001:470:7894:1337::102 Shardik Realitygaps
theonlyjoey-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::103 TheOnlyJoey vps TheOnlyJoey
mieremet.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::104 Webmind vps Webmind
piele-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::105 Piele vps Piele
sn0wcrash-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::106 sn0wcrash vps Sn0wcrash
cmpxchg-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::107 cmpxchg vps cmpxchg
wizzup-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::108:1/112 Wizzup vps Wizzup
mattronix-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::109:1/112 Mattronix VPS Mattronix
ultratux-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::110:1/112 ultratux
gorgabal-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::111:1/112 gorgabal
techwolf12.vps 2001:470:7894:1337::112:1/112 Techwolf12 keyserver VPS Techwolf12
peetz0r-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::113:1/112 Peetz0r
DrWhax-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::114:1/112 DrWhax
Chris-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::115:1/112 Chris

Physical Machines

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 Function Contact
hv3.ti N/A KVM Hypervisor 1 + LXC Piele
ilo-hv3.ti N/A HP iLO2 interface Piele
hv6.ti N/A 2U Datap0rn server Piele

Management VLAN

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 Function Contact
vyos.ti 2001:470:7894::1/64 VyOS router Piele
edge-sw1.ti N/A HP Procurve 2510-24 (J9019A) Used to connect to the Fiber Uplink from our ISP and for multiple patches across the space Mattronix
core-sw-top.ti N/A TOP Core Switch MGMT Mattronix
core-sw-bottom.ti N/A Bottem Core Switch MGMT Mattronix
mgmt-sw01.ti N/A Cisco 29XX FE MGMT Mattronix
eastside-window-sw1.ti N/A HP Procurve 1800-24G (J9028B) switch, located at the window near the 3D printers Mattronix
tp-link.ti N/A TP-Link TL-WDR4300 Wireless Access Point running OpenWRT
doorbot.ti N/A Doorbot Brainsmoke
ti-filer1-bmc.ti N/A NetApp BMC Mattronix
ti-filer2-bmc-ti N/A NetApp BMC Mattronix

Server VLAN

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 Function Contact
TI-Filer1 N/A Storage SAN/NAS Controller 1 Mattronix
TI-Filer2 N/A Storage SAN/NAS Controller 2 Mattronix
hv7.ti 2001:470:7894:50::17:1 Dell R610 Piele
bixster1.ti 2001:470:7894:50::100:1 2U Supermicro BIG(>2TB) disk storage server Piele
cephster1.ti 2001:470:7894:50::101:1 1U Supermicro CEPH server Piele
cephster2.ti 2001:470:7894:50::102:1 1U Supermicro CEPH server Piele
cephster3.ti 2001:470:7894:50::103:1 1U Supermicro CEPH server Piele
melinda-srv0.ti 2001:470:7894:50::104:1 1U Supermicro Test Server Piele
melinda-srv0-ipmi.ti 2001:470:7894:50::105:1 1U Supermicro Test Server IPMI Piele

Storage VLAN

Hostname IPv4 Function Contact
TI-Filer1 Storage SAN/NAS Controller 1 Mattronix
TI-Filer2 Storage SAN/NAS Controller 2 Mattronix
backup.ti backup.ti storage network Mattronix
hv3.ti HV3 storage network Mattronix
hv7.ti HV7 storage network Mattronix
hv6.ti HV6 storage network Mattronix
cephster1.ti cephster1 storage network Mattronix
cephster2.ti cephster2 storage network Mattronix
cephster3.ti cephster3 storage network Mattronix