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Pledge Type Infrastructure
Pledge Leader User:Ultratux
Approximate Target €310
Running Total €210
Status Completed

We are now at the point we'd want to buy/build a small kitchette

The item

  • To be determined exactly, but kitchen with sink, at least 3 blocks wide (1,80m), with maybe 3 top cabinets and 2 lower cabinets. The third lower unit will be the dishwasher.
  • With the option, now or in future, for a close-in boiler for hot water.

Budget estimation

  • At Gamma, a floor cupboard is around 75. Wall cupboards are around 35. A sink is 60. That makes a grand total of ~310. Excluding a faucet.
  • Depending on options that the association has to decide on, it may be slightly less or slightly more. Like getting a new top at IKEA.

Partly paid in advance

  • To take advantage of a good discount deal at Gamma last week, two floor cabinets have already been bought by ultratux, pending this pledge...


  • €35-- Ultratux (to get things moving although I contribute a lot already, both time-wise and money-wise...)
  • €25 Narya
  • $15 dreamer
  • €100 -- BecHa (directly to Ultratux!)
  • €0 -- Signor Moneybags
  • €25 Wizzup
  • €10 AndreasR
  • €20 Branko (paid, sept 17 2014)