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As requested, here's a running list of rules and historical ALV votes related to spending dues money on stuff other than just rent, without waiting until an ALV. Think: new tools, repair, consumables, cleaning supplies, etc.

  • "Trust board with payments" ALV motion which grants explicit permission for the board to spend dues money; purchases over €50 must be reported to the mailing list
  • "Discretionary budget" ALV motion (summary) allows the board to "have an discretionary budget to purchase consumable items needed to satisfactorily run the space from common funds"
  • €1000 yearly limit for purchases mentioned here but I didn't find it
  • Two withdrawn motions from ALV September 2020, both withdrawn because we didn't know the current state of discretionary spending (the reason for this list):
 * Tool guardian proposal 2020
 * Acquiring new tools proposal 2020