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The are the current huishoudelijkregelement (house rules) of techinc.

House Rules


In order to become a member, you need to do the following:

 - Fill out a membership form.
 - Setup a monthly bank transfer and send an email to
   with the reference you used to pay - for example your name followed by 'techinc'. 

If in the future you change the amount you pay each month for membership Please can you email the treasurer ( to let him know that you have changed it

Tech Inc propose to operate a 'pay what you can' scheme. There will be a suggested recommended amount which we hope all members can meet. The recommended amount will be set at a level that ensures we cover our costs.

If you intend to only use the space once in a while, if at all, then please feel free to pay a representative amount which is lower than the recommended amount. The more you use the space, the more we would expect you to pay to help cover the running costs.

Pricing Guideline

 - Minimum amount to become a member should be 5 EUR per month
 - Recommended amount is currently 20 EUR month
 - if you cannot afford to pay anything but would still like to be a member of the community, please approach the board. 

Rule added from the ALV on 27th October 2013

Exemption from minimum payment amount

A majority of the board needs to approve any exception to fees (ie. paying below the minimum membership amount - currently 5 euro). The exemption needs to be re-examined on an annual basis.

Rule added from the ALV on 27th October 2013

Possibility of paying per month + set date for checking membership fees

Members can choose to pay their membership fee yearly or per month. If they choose to pay per month they must pay before the 7th of the month they pay their membership fees for.

Rule added from the ALV on 26th January 2014

Notification of membership fee changes

Any member can request a change of his or her membership fee throughout the year, but will have to provide valid reason to the board. Valid reasons can be, but are not necessarily limited to: moving house/job relocation/getting fired/unforeseeable financial setbacks. Ultimately it is at the board's discretion. The board is expected not to accept trivial or fabricated reasons as valid justification.

Rule added from the ALV on 26th January 2014

Non-paying members and overdue fees

When a payment is missed, you will receive an email with a reminder.

  • If after a month the payment is still due, a board member will try to personally contact the member.
  • If after 2 months the payment is still due, your fob will be disabled and an other email will be sent by the board.
  • If after 3 months the payment is still due, you will no longer be a member.

Rule added from the ALV on 26th January 2014

Warning system and revoking membership

When a member has been disruptive to the community (and the board have recevied a formal complaint) they will get a warning from the board.

When three warnings have been given to a member (for different types of disruption) their access privileges will be revoked.

When a member has repeated the same disruptive behaviour that warranted a warning, a second warning will be deemed enough to revoke access privileges.

Rule added from the ALV on 26th January 2014

Terms for board positions

Positions in the board have terms. Terms are per board member. Term starts when the board member is elected, and it lasts XX (A,B or C) years. Not in the exact months, but rounded up to the nearest ALV. At the expiration of the term, board member's position expires, and the board position is open for re-election. The treasurer steps down (and is allowed to be re-elected) in even numbered years, secretary and chair in odd numbered years (and are also allowed to be re-elected).

'X' has been set at 1 year (option A was voted for)

Rule added from the ALV on 9 May 2014


Dispute Committee

There is a dispute committee that adheres to procedure as set out in the Dispute Committee Process.

At the ALV, the term for dispute committee members was set to 1 year and no upper limit was set to records-keeping; making the legal-requirement/maximum the default limit.

The specific form chosen allows for co-opting of people into the dispute committee with help from Board in case there is a need due to too few people being available for the purpose of dealing with a dispute.

Specific information about the process and the members of the committee can be found below:

Subgroups -> Dispute

Rule added from 3.1.3 at ALV on 17th of May 2018

The board shall consider reports from the dispute committee and take any action they deem necessary based on that report and their own judgement. All remedies must have an expiry date, all remedies must be reviewed anually and all remedies must be appealable at an ALV.

Rule added from 3.1.4 at the ALV on 17th of May 2018

Media Committee

Techinc has a Media Committee consisting of people who get voted in at the ALV to handle communication/outreach via our online presences; primarily social media netoworks.

The framework was laid out here and voted into the House-Rules.

Please refer to the page linked above for details.

Rule added at ALV of 17th of March 2018

Discretionary budget

There is a budget of 50 euro per month for 'necessities', this can not be carried over to the next month. Its intended only for small items that are necessary for the running/cleaning of the space. For items to be added the list of necessities, a group of 5 is required. This consists of 4 members and a board member.

For more information see Bureaucrats which includes a list of the current items on the list.

Rule added from the ALV on 27th October 2013

Use of the space

Usage of photo/video equipment in the space

_ALL_ Video/Audio/Photo taking/recording is not allowed, unless everyone who would be on the recording has been asked explicit permission. Taking pictures of the space is allowed; use common sense.

Rule added from the ALV on the 6th of April 2013

Storage Bureaucrats

It was voted that some people become responsible for the storage space. For more information see Bureaucrats which includes a list of the current storage bureaucrats.

Rule added from the ALV on 27th October 2013

Dangerous, Heavy or fragile machinery

Some machines can be marked 'instruction needed' by the owner or board. This means instruction is required before a member can use the machine for the first time. Qualified instructors will be the owner/maintainer of the machine or members that previously received instructions for this machine.

Rule added from the ALV on 9 May 2014

Concerning General Member Meetings (ALV's)

Fixed ALV date

There will be an ALV in the first 3 months of a calendar year where the board will present the financial report over the previous year

Rule added from ALV on 10 May 2015 which replaces the older rule from 26th of January 2014

Each agenda point to have an owner / maintainer

All points proposed to the agenda of the ALV will have a designated maintainer. In principle this will be the originator of the point but the responsibility can be transferred or shared with mutual agreement of the current maintainer(s) and the prospective maintainers. The maintainer has a responsibility to appear during the ALV to present the point and provide clarification. Failure for the maintainer to appear on the ALV, will make the point eligible for transfer to the next ALV by the board.

Rule added from the ALV on 9 May 2014

Terms for board positions

See also: Huishoudelijk_Reglement#Terms_for_board_positions

Rule added from the ALV on 9 May 2014

Maximum Duration ALV

When the date and time of an ALV is announced, the maximum duration is announced as well. Ideally, the maximum duration is at most three hours. Any items that cannot be discussed are moved to a next ALV, to be organized as soon as realistically possible. The board decides in what order items are discussed but gives priority to items left over from a previous ALV.

Rule added from the ALV on 19 October 2014

Decision Making

Official Techinc Poll

To be able to make decisions on things in a coherent and clear manner, a mechanism was adopted that would foresee in conducting polls through email. The Huishoudelijk_Reglement/Proposed/Official_Techinc_Poll was proposed on the ALV of 2018-03-17 , point 3.1. The full mechanism is documented here, containing only the accepted segments.

Changing the House Rules

Items in House Rules can be added/tweaked or removed by a majority vote at the ALV.

For proposed additions to the huishoudelijkregelement see Huishoudelijk_Reglement/Proposed