ALV October 2013

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ALV October 2013
Date 2013-10-27
Time 15:00
Location ACTA
Contact Board
Minutes ALV October 2013/Minutes
Actions ALV October 2013/Actions
ALV October 2013
Date 2013-10-27
Time 15:00
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact Board

Practical Details

Date: Sunday, 27 October 2013

Place: (h)ACTA

Time: 3 PM

Proxy Voting Form : File:Generic proxy vote techinc.pdf


Administative points

  • Chair, minute taker, # members present, # proxy votes, handing out voting post-it's
  • Finalising agenda (any new points?)
  • Financial report.
  • Notes from the board
  • Financial report from ex-treasurer
  • Report from the secretary on current number of members (on paper) and estimated number of still-current ("actual"/"paying") members.
  • Statement of board how many people pay the "suggested minimum" amount (or very close to that) or less.

Votable Points

1 Discretionary budget

  • (Chotee) Shall the board have an discretionary budget to purchase consumable items needed to satisfactorily run the space from common funds.

The goal is to let the space run smoothly (apply common sense). Receipts should be presented to the treasurer for accounting. Agreements will be documented on the wiki.

For the maximum value available is specified:

- No, we do not need any of this.
Yes, we would like this, and there is a budget of:
- max 10 euros per month.
- max 20 euros per month
- max 50 euros per month.
- There is no max (we trust our board! ;-) ) 
And we spend it on different things, we decide on which things can be paid from this budget in the following way: 
- For the purchase of new "category of items", agreement is neede by at least 4 members and 1 board member.

(Voting procedure: First we vote for the "None" option. Only if the "None" did NOT get a majority, we all hold up our hands until there is no longer a majority. The last option with a majority is the selected value).

2 Paying the loan back to HXX

- (Merlijn) "we should pay the loan back to HXX from TechInc, under conditions we negotiate "
- (Vesna) "we should pay the loan back to HXX from the private donation" 
- (Vesna) "will TechInc accept a loan from a private individual, for the borg/down-payment for current (h)ACTA space 
- Terms: loan of 2000 Euro to be payed back after 1.1.2016, with 0% rate, in 5 monthly instalments" 

3 Moving to another space

  • Shall we move to another space?

(Voting procedure: First round we vote on each of the options separately. Each option that get a majority vote continue to the next round. We then take all of the surviving options and vote them against all the other options (example with options A,B,C: A-B, A-C, B-C, A-C). The option that gets the most wins wins overall.

The positive and negative aspects of the each of the voting options have been put in the Mailing list before the ALV and will be summarized before voting. Voting options are:

- None, we do not move at all and stay where we are.
- Move to the Larger space within the ACTA building. 
- Move to the Cruquiusweg space.
- Add the space of one of our two direct neighbours to ours. *
(* This option is currently under investigation. More info will be presented before and at ALV)
  • If the "None, we do not move" wins. There is a votable point:
- Renting the 11m2 extra storage room for the duration of us-not-yet-having-moved. Cost of 105 Euros per month (with 1 month notice)

4 Increasing membership fee

  • (Ultratux) Shall we increase the recommended membership fee?
 - No, we keep it at 20euros per month.
 - Yes, we'll change it to 22,50 Euro per month.
 - Yes, we'll change it to 25 Euro per month.
 - Yes, we'll change it to 30 Euro per month.
 - Yes, we'll change it to 40 Euro per month.

(Same procedure as for the point of budget for consumables)

5 Formalising memberhip fee

(1) Brainsmoke: Do we want to have "huishoudelijke regelementen"?

(2) Brainsmoke: Do you agree that "Pricing Guideline" (5 Euro minimum per month) & "Becoming a member" become rules, under "huishoudelijke regelementen" Membership#Pricing_Guideline: Membership#Becoming_a_Member


In order to become a member, you need to do the following:

  - Fill out a membership form.
  - Setup a monthly bank transfer and send an email to
    with the reference you used to pay - for example your name followed by 'techinc'. 

  If in the future you change the amount you pay each month for membership
  Please can you email the treasurer ( to let him know that you have changed it 

  Tech Inc propose to operate a 'pay what you can' scheme. There will be a suggested
  recommended  amount which we hope all members can meet. The recommended amount will
  be set at a level that ensures we cover our costs.

  If you intend to only use the space once in a while, if at all, then please feel free to pay
  a representative amount which is lower than the recommended amount. The more you use the space,
  the more we would expect you to pay to help cover the running costs. 

  Pricing Guideline:

  - Minimum amount to become a member should be 5 EUR per month
  - Recommended amount is currently 20 EUR month
  - if you cannot afford to pay anything but would still like to be a member of the community, please approach the board. 

(3) Philip : "Agree on the amount of full membership fee for next (financial?) year"

"with the understanding that board can grant individual dispensations to pay less then that"

Philip's text:

"Each year, the board proposes a new membership fee for the next year                                                         
that covers the costs of the association. The ALV votes on this proposal.                                                     
When accepted, the fee will be published and members pay that amount starting                                                 
with the new year.                                                                                                            
The board can give people in financial hardship dispensation to pay less than                                                 
the full membership fee. For each person, the board reviews that decision                                                     
once a year. The treasurer reports how many members pay less than the full                                                    
amount and what they pay on average.                                                                                          
Members are free to pay more than the membership fee in which case the                                                        
excess is considered and reported by the treasurer as donations.                                                              
When accepted, this rule becomes part of the 'huishoudelijkreglement'"


(any other business.)


When ever you feel the need to bikeshed, please start coloring the following image instead. The best coloring will get a free drink, submissions to