ALV March 2019

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ALV March 2019
Date 2019-03-19
Time 19:00 CEST
Location ACTA
Contact Board
Minutes ALV March 2019/Minutes
ALV March 2019
Date 2019-03-19
Time 19:00 CEST
Location ACTA
Type Meeting

ALV Thursday 19th of March, 2010 at 19:00 duration at most 3.5 hours; not beyond 23:00


  • For the board elections, there is no real deadline for candidacy, before the actual election would be nice though; please post that you want to run for board to members list, with explanation of why to vote for you.
  • Minutes will be done "live", using Hackpad or similar; final version will be edited within two weeks after the ALV.

1. Admin

1.1. Number of people present, number of proxy votes, guests?

Proxy form: File:Generic proxy vote techinc.pdf

1.2. Approving the notes from the previous meeting

ALV November 2018/Minutes

1.3. Finalizing agenda (any new points?)

2. Reports

2.1. Report from the board

2.2 Financial report

2.3 Report from the Kascontrole committee

2.4 Appointing new Kascontrole committee 2019

2.5 Report from the social media committee

2.6 Report from the dispute committee

3.0 Board elections

Katje, Wizzup and DrWhax have to step down and are up for election. No additional candidates have announced they're running so far. All three were re-elected.

4. Votable points

4.1. [Approved] Feeding volunteers by Quint

1. Intro

The power rerouting and cable organization events were a success, and improved
the space for everyone. It would be nice to promote further physical
improvements to the space by feeding people who come to lend a hand. If people
are fed, they can stay in the space for longer and work on a project without

2. Votable point

Techinc will provide funds to feed people who volunteer to participate in space
improvement projects, at a maximum of €10 per person per event. If the other
ALV motion allowing the board discretionary spending does NOT pass, then €300
will be dedicated for this purpose annually.

Funding should not be approved where doing so would reduce financial reserves
below the level set by the ALV.

For an event to have its food costs reimbursed:

- announce the event on mailing list a day in advance
- notify with an estimated number of participants so
they can check whether enough money is available to reimburse you
- at least two people need to show up
- reimbursement is up to €10 per person
- everyone who wants to eat at the event must have food they are able to eat
(keeping in mind allergies etc.)
- your regular member responsibilities to keep the space clean don't count
(you can't use "washing dishes" as an event)

Voting: Yes/No

4.1.1 [Failed] Amendment by Katje

Amendment: change "a day in advance" to "48h in advance". (Katje) Yes/No

4.2. [Approved] Trust board with payments by DrWhax

1. Intro

During previous ALV's we voted in the following points:

1) Discretionary budget
2) Purchases for network team
3) Limit on purchases - €1000 per year

As we're bound by numbers, if we'd like to pull off smaller or bigger
investments, we might be stuck by buying certain things or by other
bureaucratic nonsense.

2. Votable point

The board will be trusted to do whatever in their power, provided that,
it's for the good of the hackerspace in the broadest sense of the word.
To be able to purchase whatever that be useful for the hackerspace.
These purchases need to be approved by consensus of the board. They can
do so over the board mailinglist or by meeting in person.

The board will report any purchase over 50 euro, to the members list and
be placed in the board notes that are shared on the wiki.

If voted in, it will moot the previous points as listed in the intro.

4.2.1 [Approved] Amendment 1 by Katje

The board should endeaver to maintain at least 3 months rent in hand as a
reserve. Reports should be given to the membership if reserves drop to 3
months rent + 5%. 

4.2.2 [Rescinded] Amendment 2 by Katje


"The board will report any purchase over 50 euro, to the members list and
 be placed in the board notes that are shared on the wiki."


"The board will report to the members list any single purchase over 50 euro,
or where the total of purchases within a single calendar week equals 50 euro
or more. This will also be recorded in the board notes that are shared on the
techinc wiki." 

5.0. Left overs from the previous meetings?

6. Any other business