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Towards Zero G

5G is one of the steps along the "arrow of progress", part of the march towards technological singularity.

The critique of 5G is the critique of oppression, superiority, materialism, greed, hierarchies, centralisation, consumerism / over-consumption, extraction, exploitation, pollution, waste, "unlimited growth"...

The alternatives to 5G are: co-liberation & consent, solidarity, empathy, altruism, commoning, rhyzomatic connectivity (peer-to-peer, end-to-end) / circularity / spirality (of time), not-consumerism (?!), "leave it in the ground" / divestment, communities of practice, sufficiency, "appropriate technologies", awareness of LIMITS, de-growth, mutuality-simetry-equity...

Data-feminism-table-2 copy.png

Intersectional feminism and data analysis from the book ["Data Feminism"] point out to the structural power differences, systemic and intersecting oppressions, and come up with the useful concepts that challenge power - those are my guiding principles , together with green anarchism.

Null G

The ultimate replacement of 5G is ZERO G / Null-G / 0G : down to earth! Being/sensing the connections between the living beings: humans, plants, mycelia, rivers, animals, trees...

Along the spiral towards ZERO G, there are smaller steps:

  • dispelling the myths that the 5G is based on
  • cross-connecting with the other communities of dissent, disruption, divestment & disobedience
  • create art (Amsterdam Light Festival installation; poetry; theatre; sculptures...)
  • Do It Together: build the community networks for co-empowerment & learning

Technical IS Political

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  • 9. October 2020 LAG


Existing test network:

Sustainability and 5G ->


Library of documents





Dump of notes from LAG meetup

5G governance

- possible way to shape the future of the usage:

- through existing structures: - EU regulation (national or BEREC) -> through national political representatives - civil society -> “digital rights” NGO’s: e.g. Article19, BoF, EDRI… - Internet Governance -> IGF… - technical communities-> RIPE (and other RIR) communities; - standardisation bodies: IETF; GSMA; 3GPP; - through vendors -> working for Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung - as journalists - “direct action” activism -> with Greenpeace, XR, …

2020-07-07: Managing 5G Security Challenges: Options for Multistakeholder Governance

  • security concerns around supply chain provision of the technology via Huawei, the
  • a case study on (The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee) and internet governance, this research highlights how multistakeholder governance approaches can be effective in practice. “

2020-01-13 “Beyond 5G, a European Perspective” , Sixth ITU Workshop on Network 2030

2020-mm-dd: 5G The Driver for the Next-Generation Digital Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (by South Korean Government)

Socio-political AND Governance

2020-04-17 Article19’s input to BEREC on Electronic communications & protecting human rights

“With regard to 5G, we stressed that allocating local licenses for spectrum can allow more verticals-uses, boost innovation and lead to better quality and more choices, and we suggested BEREC to support this trend. In addition, we repeated our call for regulatory authorities within the EU to better follow the work of standard setting organisations, as we are conscious of the impact that technical standards can have on end users’ human rights.”

2019 Article19’s input to BEREC: on the interplay between 5G deployment and regulation.

Technology AND Socio-political consequences

2020-01-19 : The Register: EU’s 5G security rules


in 23 languages!!!

2019-12-29 The Nationalist Battle Over 5G

2020-04-27 “5G in less connected countries” & a webinar by Rhizomatica about African context [[1]]

Academic & Civil society activism

24 Jan 2019 : Civil society activism, strategic alignment and international public policy making for spectrum


To build your own:



As a result of European decision-making and international agreements at the World Radio Conference 2019 (WRC-19), even more radio spectrum may be made available for mobile communications such as 5G. The position to be taken at the WRC-19 is being prepared in cooperation with other Member States of the European Union. It appears that the 66 GHz band will be proposed by Europe at WRC-19 as a candidate for 5G.42 EU Member States are examining the possibility of making this band available licence-free. Licence-free frequencies are an important breeding ground for innovation and contribute to dynamic market environment.43 License-free spectrum access provides opportunities both for news users and for new applications. Any company, consumer and organisation can set up a wireless network or use wireless equipment without having to apply for a licence or having to purchase paid-for services. This contributes to broadening of the market.

“if there is no 5G, it would have to be invented”

If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

critique the modernity, the progress, the technology itself!!

“7G = sticks & stones = back to earth” !!! -> mystic connection between all the humans on the planet // 0G “


potentiality… possibility… instead on inevitability…

Rejecting! Divestment! Agency! Destruction!



-> JOIN the network between trees & mushrooms & birds & people… & rivers & squirrels … co-liberation!!!

…communities of practice…

sharing of power, empowering, co-liberation!!!

planned obsolescence <--> on the network / cloud level! <- -> modular; doesn’t matter if one part break because it’s replaceable!

Long Term Evolution = LTE <- Let’s reclaim the term!!!