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Cyber Civil Disobedience

  • Legal definitions
    • Civil Disobedience
    • Public Space
  • Technical possibilities
  • Activist practices
    • Greenpeace
    • Extinction Rebellion


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  • November 2022 -> big action on Schiphol!! XR & GP!!
  • September 2022 -> Discourse channel (ask for the invite)
  • July 2022 -> MCH2022! Talk & Workshop (add link later)

April 2022

Fossil Free Art & Activism

  • February-March 2022, Amsterdam

[3] DIS: : & <>

[4] T4T

[5] DAS

[6] Book “We are Nature Defending Itself” (Entangling Art, Activism and Autonomous Zones) by Isabelle Fremeaux and Jay Jordan

[7] Book “The Art of Hacking”

November 2021

  • Environmental sustainability & RIPE Community & Data Centers (& hackers & activists & artists & academics & FLOSS)

Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2021 14:43:39 +0100

From: Vesna Manojlovic <> To: Niels Schrader <>, Michael J. Oghia <>, Tessel Renzenbrink <>, Niels ten Oever <>, maxigas <>, Marleen van der Zanden <>, Guillaume Pitron <>, Max Schulze <>, Heaver, A.H.M. (Alisa) <>, Trammell Hudson <>, Dorien Zandbergen <>, Lonneke van der Velden <>, Mirjam Kühne <>, Emile Aben <>, Niall Murphy <>, hvale <>,, inari <> CC: Arnd <>

Dear all,

last week I've met with several of you, and with the others I've been working on similar topics for a long time!

I'd like to introduce you to each other, in order to spark creativity :)

  • please approach each other if you feel the "match";


  • please share more of the links to your work that are relevant!!

Next big events where we could all meet (virtually) : 22.-26.11.2021. RIPE83 27.-30.12.2021. CCC / rC3 5-6.02.2022. FOSDEM'22

& a wild idea: hackathon-on-a-train this December!!! (topics: sustainability & low-tech Internet & remote working & mobility)

& a "forum" to inter-connect & meet more people from cross-communities: UnCivilisation mailing list!!

Big Love, Vesna

Niels is an artists, whose work on Data Centers has been featured on exhibitions, postcards, podcasts & the upcoming book!

"Critical Atlas of Dutch Data Centres" Niels Schrader <>

Mirjam is a RIPE Chair , all-together power-house & role-model!! Mirjam Kühne <>

Guillaume is a French journalist who wrote two books recently about (not so green) "Green Tech": "Rare Earth: The Dirty War " and "The Dark Side of Green Energies" Guillaume Pitron <>

Tessel from Network Democracy works on "Digital democracy and the democratisation of technology" in Holland: Tessel Renzenbrink <>

Michael & Max are from "Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance" , working on Open Data Hub (for Green Tech), regional European Cloud, and so much more: Michael J. Oghia <> Max Schulze <>

Last Thursday SDIA organised a session in Den Hague about "Water usage in Dutch data centers" , and that's where I've met Alisa, who is working on Internet Governance topics, and can help connect Dutch government with the "digital" topics &water-works cyber security...

We've corresponded at the time of EuroDIG, when she mentioned LEAP: Lower Energy Acceleration Program - Amsterdam Economic Board

Heaver, A.H.M. (Alisa) <>

Niels & maxigas currently work on 5G :

... and are also academics & activists & hackers , working on Internet Governance & hacklabs & Human Rights &&& Niels ten Oever <> & maxigas <>

Lonneke & Dorien, two more of my academic / hacker friends, might also help to bring the energy of young people (students) into the fight for the "Green Internet" and/or digital human rights: Dorien Zandbergen <> & Lonneke van der Velden <>

Emile Aben is my colleague behind IP maps, IPv6 RIPEness, IXP Jedi... ... and very much interested in sustainability & open data (& music!) Emile Aben <>

Marleen from Greenpeace organised the first hackathon I attended, in 2014! And again in February 2021: Direct-action activism + "digital public space" + sustainability! Marleen van der Zanden <>

Niall Murphy is an engineer, poet, photographer & an old friend! Recently he's also been interested in rewilding, in Ireland! Niall Murphy <>

hvale vale, from Association for Progressive Communication: feminist, artist, activist, can connect us to the local communities in Bosnia, and keep us accountable & "down to earth" ! hvale <>

Trammell Hudson, a programmer & photographer & a hack/train lover!! Trammell Hudson <>

Kruno is "living a dream" (living MY dream) in a tiny-house, permaculture farm in Lika, Croatia: artist, hacker, father: Kruno Jošt <>

Inari is working on plants-art, hipping-containers hacking etc -- in Rotterdam: Yoshinari Nishiki <>

And, last but not least: Arnd, my "other half": you can ask him anything about data-centers & low-tech Internet solutions & art of Japanese cooking & hackerspaces & electronics & domes & beer-brewing & photography & cats & sys-admining & gardening & quad-copters & ... Arnd Marijnissen <>

February 2021




  • a "festival" in the shape of the REFUGEE CAMP!
    • "we are all climate refugees" (in 2030)
    • "we" have CAUSED many people to be climate refugees already!
  • send emails/letters to your "representative"!
    • goal: create pressure on the politicians , by their "constituencies"
    • least work for the "participants" (more for organising) : automate it all! (provide 1-5 drafts, like a petition), and provide the email addresses in the drop-down menu
    • More work than petition, more impact than a tweet
    • achieve _personal_ contact with the politician!
    • something like this have helped with the action against ACTA/TTIP
  • divest from the climate-destroying pension funds
  • persuade royal family / princess-es to join XR ;-)
  • MEMEs
    • sea-shanty
    • "chairman bernie"
  • remote-controlled robot to poor water out of the canal into back the sea!
  • projecting people's names onto the parliament (if they sign the petition...)
  • Online STRIKE!
    • "block" access to the fossil-fuel companies networks (office & website!)
    • EVERYONE switches their _internet OFF_ for one day!!!
    • A day/hour of mourning/grief - switch off the screen/turn all websites BLACK

Public Internet

October 2020

  • Telstra routing flub affects hundreds of networks worldwide


Notes dump for the GP workshop

open data sources and visualisations and analysis

open data sources


panama papers

financial data!

covid government response


Figs!! &

open source tools

How to run a sustainability science research group sustainably?

SDG workshops 25.9. (mostly in Dutch!)

SOMO: Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations

+ Jupyter Notebooks are a web-based environment for creating collaborative documents supporting several programming languages, allowing researchers and data scientists to easily collaborate and reproduce experiments using original data sets."

“a new workflow management system, designed for modern infrastructure and powered by the open-source Prefect Core workflow engine. Users organize Tasks into Flows, and Prefect takes care of the rest.”

OWNERSHIP of the Internet

June 2018

the extensions the internet has spawned now greatly outweigh the original network: billions of smartphones and other devices, and cloud-computing factories the size of football fields, containing unimaginable quantities of data.

The political consequences of the internet’s growing centralisation are even more troublesome, if less obvious.

Data is the New Oil


Open data for timetables and tickets, and passenger rights for multi-modal journeys Anyone wanting to book a flight has a dozen or more flight comparison websites available to them, yet no equivalent – a Skyscanner for rail if you like – currently exists.

marleen -> greenpeace -> AZART!!!!

* removing plastic from the ocean * attacking oil platforms * oil-cleanup * protecting fish, instead of catching them

An Animated Map Of Global Covid-19 News Coverage With BigQuery + Carto