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Sustainability in Tech, Yet Another Collection of Links



Art & Activism 
  • F*** O** Google / Invisible Committee
  • Piksel (No) Festival 2023 : Unveiling the Energy Crisis Through Art and Activism: ENERGY PARASITES

Climate Justice

  • Three Decades of Climate Mitigation: Why Haven't We Bent the Global Emissions Curve?
    • High emitters (whether countries, organizations, or individuals) are often the least vulnerable, weakening direct incentives for action, while those least responsible for emissions often suffer the worst impacts.
    • Combustion of fossil fuels and large-scale land-use change have underpinned economic development over more than two centuries, creating deep path dependencies (not only economic but also material, social, cultural, and psychological).
    • Dominant economic and political interests are invested in the status quo and work hard against change.
    • Causes are also deeply embedded in wider economic and geopolitical divisions, including the historical backdrop of colonialism, imperialism, and other systemic injustices.

Network Operations


see: Data Centers 

Data Centers

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  • French regulator March 2024 report:
  • Report about Equinix (2024)
  • "Energy Consumption in Data Centres and Broadband Communication Networks in the EU" (2024-02-16), (by European Commission's Joint Research Centre)
  • The Cloud Is Material: On the Environmental Impacts of Computation and Data Storage (2022)
  • Getting into Fight with Data Centres:
  • "AI is fueling a data center boom. It must be stopped., by Paris Marx Feb 9, 2024
  • 2024 toots:
    • The electricity and water use required by data centres is becoming cause for concern. Iowa and Ireland are calling for moratoriums on new development projects. Microsoft’s global water consumption grew 34% from 2021 to 2022. And estimates say that around 80% of content in data centres could be stuff we never use again, stored by default to consume energy in perpetuity for no purpose at all.
    • Denmark: “the reason of the data centers in denmark, in this case facebook in the city of Odense is: 
1)stable energy source 1.a) with high level of renewables. 2) Proximity to the backbone cables 3) Skilled workforce in the construction process (though the proces was run in a way, were there was a high level of control, and very little trust in the skilled workers..., so maybe thats a stretch) 
4) low levels of naturcatastrophes (erathqueakes etc.)
5) stable water source . The reason are laws regulating the area, so the potential expenditure from reusing the heated water, may never affect the prices. So, as i understand it, prices should be kept as low as possible and be on marketlevel and competitive, and saved energy for an economic cost is not a argument to raise prices. So the situation is that facebook have som semi-heated water, that needs further heating to be usable to send to homes, so it in reality it wont be free heating, there still needs to be heated on the water, so the result from an economic perspective is that there is no businesscase for the investment, which means it will be an expenditure in the short run, which means its not legal - even though it makes sense purely energy wise/ reality. The result is that the laws are maybe good intetions, but in a situation where investments and innovation is need, they dont make sense. And the article describe that they are rightly critized for that. 
The question is the if facebook knew that, and speculated in it, and/or in the proces has acted in a way so it would be the end result; to be stopped by those laws. 
And thats an analysis that needs to be made and documented, if so. 
But:heating was promised before, and heating is not now. 2020/Before:
"Our datacenter in Odense will generate heat at a level not reached anywhere in the world"
"Facebook confirms:heat on its way to 6900 houses in odense". Now: no heating:
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Personal Footprint

Corporate Footprint


Informal Education

University Courses

  • reading list of seminar in "Sustainable Networking" (syllabus / curriculum)
    • The Networked Systems Group (NSG) is a research group in the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET) at ETH Zürich

Educating Children


Collections in different formats 


  • Collection: Carbon Aware Networks Workshop 2023
    • Carbon-Aware Inter-Domain Networking Based on Path Awareness
    • Candidate Metrics for Carbon Efficient Routing (slides)
    • Carbon Reduction through Compact Routing (Lightning talk) (slides)
    • Why Inter-AS CAR metric should be different to intra-AS
    • Itzik Kiselevsky (Broadcom) - Evolution of switches power consumption (slides)
    • Lower bounds for internet traffic power consumption (slides)
    • Does rate adaptation at daily timescales make sense? (slides)
    • Power electronics in computing systems (Lightning talk) (slides)
    • Energy-aware routing in IP networks (poster)
    • Computing system for processing of environmental monitoring measurements (slides)
    • CarbonQuanDRIs and Other Thoughts (slides)
    • Greener electronics hardware, metrics, circularity and recyclability
    • Sustainability on carrier transport networks - activities from Telefonica (slides)
    • Problematizing the sustainability of 5G/6G networks and devising alternative ways forward (slides)
    • System Efficiency as Carbon Awareness (slides)
    • Towards Mitigating Intermittency of Renewable Energy Supply in Large-Scale Computing Infrastructure with Job Replication
    • Towards Greener 5G and Beyond Radio Access Networks (Lightning talk)


(see also other items makers "book" on this page!) (& images :) )

  • "Anti-Fascist AI" Dan McQuillan; Bristol University Press, Year: 2022; ISBN: 1529213495,9781529213492


Measurements Tools


IETF documents

Other standards

Itu standards Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 13.14.49.png


Internet Governance

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Alternative Computings

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  • Collapse informatics,
  • Alternative tech
    • Appropriate Technology, Slow-tech, Low-tech,

Frugal Computing


Fossil Free Web

Sustainable Software

Other Collections


Mailing Lists

  • degrowth-world Subscribe: || - “to share announcements and news related to degrowth.”
  • Green Screen: Subscribe: :: “Digital Rights and Climate Justice Network” by Mozilla Foundation, Ford Foundation, Internet Society Foundation, Mercator Sti!ung, and Ariadne Network.


  • NRO = all the RIRs
  • Bits & Bäume





  • November, Dublin: IETF121
  • December 27-30, CCC

Past Events



   UN, 2023 likely hottest year on record; further spike expected with El Niño, 8 Nov 2023
   BBC News, COP28: UAE planned to use climate talks to make oil deals, 27 Nov 2023 
   Guardian, Cop28 host UAE has world’s biggest climate-busting oil plans, data indicates, 15 Nov 2023 
   Guardian, ‘Insanity’: petrostates planning huge expansion of fossil fuels, says UN report, 8 Nov 2023
   COP28 website
   Global Witness, 636 fossil fuel lobbyists granted access to COP27, 10 Nov 2022
   BBC News, COP26: Alok Sharma fights back tears as Glasgow Climate Pact agreed, 13 Nov 2021
   Guardian, Dismay as Rishi Sunak vows to ‘max out’ UK fossil fuel reserves, 31 July 2023
   Reuters, Reaction to PM Sunak watering down Britain's climate goals, 20 Sept 2023 
   Guardian, UK absent from key international statement on climate action, 20 Sept 2023

Vesnas Links

Links to vesna's pages & data related to Sustainability (BECHA @ unciv . nl ) 
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Wiki Pages 
Slides / Papers 

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