Party Orga Taskforce

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Party Orga Taskforce


To help bootstrap, coordinate and/or organize parties, events, talks, etc.

Members / Contact

Upcoming events

More info

For now, nothing yet but the contents of our founding notice:

Hi all

We've been saying for -literally- years that it would be so nice to form
a group / taskforce within techinc that helps organize / bootstrap
parties, events, stuff like that... But for years, nothing concrete got
off the ground. 

A few of us decided today to "Just Do It" anyway, so we've formed a
"party committee" or "orga taskforce". We invite everyone who likes to
join, to actually join, because we can use the help. But regardless, we
now have created the Techinc orga taskforce, for lack of a better name.

Our first event seems to become the Acta Open day on September 19, and
we feel it would be an excellent occasion to celebrate our 4 year
anniversary after the Open day ends (that's at 18:00). We would welcome
ideas, people that give talks/workshops, partygoers and party enablers.

	Anne Jan, Einstein, Maarten