Four Year Anniversary Party Orga

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Hello there!

Here we try to get the orga organized. For now I just copied the list that was emailed. If you would not mind helping out with some task or idea, please add your name below it. Feel free to edit if you have ideas for improvement.

Preparing before the event

People who can do the PR (aka invite/inform $other_hackerspaces)

<your name here?>

People who can reach out to speakers from other spaces/places and perhaps convince them to come party with us and give a talk here...?!

<your name here?>

Shopping and logistics

Some shopping should be done in advance, notably fetching drinks so they can cool off in the fridges. A car would be a big bonus.

<your name here?> <availability windows>

  • AndreasR - whole day + car

This can be during the day or in the week before.

During the event

Minding the fridge levels and afroomen of donations.

<your name here?> <availability>

Open Day part (daytime)

People who can open the space at ~10:00 sharp (ACTA open day begins) / People who can show Open Day visitors the space (superquick tour etc)

<your name here?> < time window you can be present >

Members who can show/demo their project(s), hold a brief talk, demonstrate a skill, in short offer an interesting couple of minutes to onlookers. This can be both on the Open Day (assume non-hacker audience) or at the party (assume hacker audience). (See also: talks)

<your name here?> <what you might do / showcase / demo / talk about>

For Kids

Traditionally, many parents bring their kids along on the open day, so it might be nice to offer something specially for kids. But it would have to be very short, visitors will want to move on to other ACTA spaces...

<your name here?> <your idea here>

Party time (evening)

People who can help out, be it with shopping, arranging chairs, setting up beamers, etc, hanging teh partyslingers, tidying up.

  • AndreasR - whole evening with car for logistics and cleanup

<your name here?>

People who want to help organize food, be it ordering or creating.

<your name here?> <description>

People who are willing to run a bardienst shift (say 1 hour max per shift). It would be great if we can share the load so we'd be looking for at least say 5 volunteers (evening).

<your name here?> <time preference if applicable>

Anyone who wants to hold a talk, whether a 2-5 min lightning talk or a longer talk. Or workshop. Basically whatever you feel like.

<your name here?> <description what it is you want to speak of> <duration of talk>

Someone who likes to make sure the music is awesome (in whatever way, be it by making an awesome playlist, doing live DJ'ing, or just choosing good songs)

<your name here?>


Hackers who can offer a bed/couch/blanket for fellow hackers from afar(??) (outside scope of this event)

<your name here?>

People who can help rebuild what remains of our space on September 20. We would suggest starting late, because we've all had a party. Say 15:00-18:00?

<your name here?>