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What's this?

This page tries to give pointers for new members on the workings of the Techinc hackerspace.

What do I need to do?

First, become a member! and then reading this document is an excellent start!

Probably the most important is to know our "Rules".

What's happening?

Look at our Events page.

How do I get in contact with other members?

  • Subscribe to our general mailing list. This is our official communications channel. We (foolishly) assume every member follows it. What you send there will be read by many members (and some non-members ;) ). Organisation/Mailing_Lists has the details
  • Add yourself to the People page (and create a wiki account if you didn't have one.)
  • Quite a few members are available in realtime via IRC chat. You can access this communications channel directly from your webbrowser. With an IRC client we're #techinc on the OFTC IRC network.

Can I ...

The short answer: Yes! but don't forget to use your common sense...

... and follow the rules.

Does the board do... ?

The answer almost always is: No. The board does not do that.

Allow us explain: Techinc is a "vereniging" by choice. The board consists of seven regular members that have committed to taking on the administrative chores that are expected of a vereniging (such as paying the rent). Board-members are voted on by the other members at a General Member Meeting. In their role of "board member" they do the least possible. However, as regular members they might quite active in the space.

Don't expect "the board" to organize events, order the drinks, vacuum-clean or arrange for your personal Nirvana. It's the members (which probably includes you by now) which together make anything and everything in our space happen.

You should contact the board for financial issues and things of administrative nature on

You *can* and *should* mail the board about things that bother you, things that should be different or need looking at.

For problems with other members or with the board, however, it might be that the board will refer you to the independent SubGroups/Dispute that is specially tasked to handle these things.

Doing projects

Most work in the space is organized around "projects" being done by one or a few members.

Here's a list of Projects other members are doing.

Organizing events

As a member, you can use our space to organize events, workshops, trainings, get-togethers, gaming nights, etc., in our space. In fact this is encouraged.

All events are member organised, the exception being the General Members Meeting (ALV). As a member, you are encouraged to organize events as long as they:

  • don't conflict with other previously scheduled events
  • are open and free for all members. We encourage you to make them open and free to the general public as well.
  • have a non-commercial goal.

To organize a normal event:

  • Send an email to the member Mailinglist with your idea.
  • Create an event page.
  • Pick a date
  • Do the awesome event!
  • Make sure the space is as awesome after as it was before.

For more details and hints the Events has some and for workshops there's a specific page on Organizing workshops.

Picture policy

Voting Rights

All current members can vote at an General Members Meeting. If you cannot make it, you can empower a fellow member to vote for you. See Statutes#Artikel_17_.E2.80.93_Toegang_en_stemrecht and Voting for all the gruesome details.

Being the last member in the space

Just like only members have keys, when the last member leaves, any guests need to leave as well. The space cannot remain open without at least one member present.

There's a detailed checklist on what to do for ACTA/Closing_up.

If you're last, but don't have a 'line of sight' to the entrance, keep a closed door policy.

As a matter of courtesy, when only a handful of members are around, inform them you're leaving when you do.

Being the first member in the space

So, you got in with your FOB and PIN. But it's all dark, and nothing works.

  • Press the space button. changes the space's state to "open".
  • To the right to the entrance door, are four buttons to activate major groups of lights, power and audio. Use as preferred.

Controlling Power and lights

Once in the space and using the WIFI, browse to our powerbar and you can control power in great detail.

To simplify things, adjacent to the entrance there is a little box with 4 black toggle switches. These control, from left to right, Lights in main space, Lights in Aux space, Power outlets in aux space, Audio system. Push toggle switch up and release for ON, Push down and release for OFF.

In the tool workshop, which we dubbed the "Dirty Room", there is an EMERGENCY OFF push button adjacent to the door. Its normal state should be ON, ie. pulled out. However, should you find there is no power on the wall outlets in the Dirty room, check that emergency switch. It's BIG and red+yellow, can't miss it.

Music in the space

If you want music, please first make sure the Audio and Mixer are powered. Central music service is provided via an MPD service. The mixer has a 3.5mm audio jack available as well.

During working hours, please be considerate of our Neighbours. After working hours the tunes can be turned up, but be considerate of other members' audio preferences. And we have student neighbours as well. Both rooms have fully independent audio channels and speakers; it is possible to play from different sources in each room, or silence the speakers in one.


To make it easier for members to have a drink without having cash on hand, there's our Revbank. Uniquely it's based on an honour system.

To create your own account, just deposit an amount in Revbank. write "deposit" put the money in the donations dish and add your nickname. you now have an account. Whenever you get a drink, scan the barcode and type your Nick. That's it.

Being in negative numbers is frowned upon, will prompt various members to have uncomfortable conversations with you. Don't do it.

Using Tools

There's tools in our space. Quite a few are self explanatory, some require training to use, and a few are downright Dangerous (with a capital D) if you don't know what you're doing.

In our Inventory most tools have an Owner or Custodian. Please contact them when in doubt.

And please use your brain.


In our space we have quite a selection of electronic components and tools. Use them, they are there to be used in your projects. However, it's part of being a good member to keep track of what you use, and replenish the supply. Some members have the habit of buying back double the consumables that they used. So we get more of a good thing.

Breaking stuff

Shit happens, stuff breaks. It's mostly not a big deal. But please do report it with what happened and how. The members@ mailing is great for this. We can all learn, see how we replace what was FUBARed. There's nothing worse then expecting something to be there, only to find it is now in disrepair because of reasons unknown.

Also, repairing stuff is awesome.

Levelling up

At Techinc, collectively, there's a huge amount of knowledge about all things Tech. And the culture is one of sharing knowledge. So if you want to know more about a certain topic, say "How to use an Oscilloscope" or "Designing objects for the 3D printer" you can ask random members and you will get some answers.

The other route is to ask on the members@ Mailinglist and if there's multiple people wanting to know about the same theme, maybe even organize an Event around it. No need for you to be expert to organize something, right?

Cleaning the space

Apply rule 5, and leave the space more awesome then you found it. However, some details may be worth saying:

  • When a trash can is full, get a new bin liner, remove the full bag and either put it in the building's trash dumpster or, if you must, put the full trash bag in the hallway across from the entrance and take it with you later.
  • If you see the dishwasher has been run, please put the cups and plates in their place. Pro tip: it's the fastest way to learn where to find stuff.
  • Dirty dishes and cutlery go in the dishwasher (after the food has been removed). Turn on the dishwasher when it's full. Tablets are to the right of the kitchen.
  • Nobody should have to clean after you. You just annoy someone else with your junk.
  • Vacuuming gets you major Kudos.

Minors at Techinc

Techinc tries to be welcoming to people from all walks of life and backgrounds. However, it can be a dangerous place for unsupervised Children.

That been said, we have had some rather bright teenagers be valuable members of our Community over the years. It's not a black or white thing and this is something the board decides on, on a case by case basis. But please do not be put off, just come and discuss it.

Who do I ask to... ?

  • ... learn about a certain tool: Ask the member that owns the tool or is the "guardian" of that tool. This is especially true if it is a potentially dangerous or expensive tool. If you don't know, ask to the mailinglist or on a social night.
  • ... add my widget to the vending machine. The vending machine was acquired by user:Einstein and he's the care-taker. Please consult with him

I have a problem with...

  • ... my financial member obligations: please contact the board.
  • ... A fellow member. Use common sense, try to talk about it with the member. If that's not possible for whichever reason, there is a dedicated group of members that have stepped up to form the Dispute Resolution Group. See SubGroups/Dispute for more information on how to contact them.

There's an actual real emergency!

First thing: Do Not Panic! Next: two fire extinguishers are in the space: one is located close to the partition of the west and east space halves, to the left of the green metal door. The other is directly opposite the door to the dirtyroom, on the pillar. There's a fire blanket and a First-Aid kit hanging above the first fire extinguisher. There are more extinguishers and fire hoses in the rest of the building. For other emergencies: (placeholder)