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Here's how to close up the space when you're leaving:

  • Per rule #5, please leave the space in a clean state. Please put empty bottles in their respective crates. NEVER leave open food, we have rodents!!!!!
  • Turn off space exhaust fan switch in the dirty room next to its entrance. It's labeled "AIR FAN". Watch out; there are more switches there than for just the air fan.
  • Turn off powerbar-controlled items. You can do that via either webinterface or via Bash_the_Lights or via PowerbarQuadSwitch. There's a slight delay. Please confirm everything shuts off.
  • A few exceptions to this: kitchen Led bar light has a separate switch. Vending machine light stays on.
  • Turn off the LED wall/fireplace with the switch on the left side. This is now included in the Powerbar. Please leave the switch on the LED wall as-is.
  • Please make sure no soldering irons, hotglue guns, etc are left on (fire hazard!)
  • Please leave the door to the Glass/server room ajar or open. Please leave the door to the Dirty room open (the first for heat, the second for cold & smells)
  • Close both our windows. Yes, even on hot nights please.
  • Optional: Check if there's enough Mate (and other beverages) in the fridge. If not, please restock for the next visitor(s).
  • Optional: Shut down the arcade game console by pressing the "return coin" button. (saves energy)
  • Optional: turn on the dish washer if it's necessary to do so.
  • Optional: trash, especially food remains, starts smelling bad quickly, especially in Summer. If you deem it necessary, take out the trash please.
  • Press the space button (if it's lit, and it should be lit, otherwise forgettaboutit)
  • Get out and close the door by pulling it shut. Then PUSH on the door to confirm the lock latched; sometimes it doesn't properly do that.
  • If any rubbish is sitting in the hallway, please take it out
  • Review working surfaces, moving any stray items to their proper place. Anything that you can't place, please but them in the 3weeks box. See Three_weeks_-_free_for_all for more on this.
  • Optional: If you feel others have left a (big) mess, make a note of that (maybe a photograph?). We don't seek to blame, but we also want to root out unacceptable behaviour... Appply common sense.