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This page explains the ritual around the used voting systems in TechInc

Closed Voting

This is used for instance when voting people into the board or a committee

  • The chairperson will provide an enumerated list of voting options.
  • The chairperson will find 3 volunteers for the temperorary vote-counting-commision which will not contain anyone from the board or anyone being voted about
  • The chairperson will provide a voting form per vote (available members + proxy votes)
  • Each member will fill in it's voting form(s)
  • The vote-counting-commision will collect the votes in a container
  • The vote-counting-commision will separate themselves from the rest to count the votes
  • each member of the vote-counting-commision will count the votes on their own, and compare with the fellow commission-members.
  • The only results that will be shared outside of the vote-counting-commision is who is voted in alphabetical order (no vote counts will be shared).
  • All votes and paperwork with information on the votes will be destroyed after the ALV by the voting commision or one person of the commission with two witnesses.

Official Techinc Poll

Used for "agreeing on something via email". See Huishoudelijk Reglement/Accepted/Official Techinc Poll for details.