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Operation FILTH

or, How to inflate our dirty room to 200%

Summary / Outline:

  • Removing wall dividing dirty room from adjacent room, creating one larger room;
  • Change flooring to laminate for much easier & faster cleaning (sweeping)
  • Putting long workbench in, making high work tables in front of dirty room redundant
  • Putting in sink to facilitate light chemical/paint/etc work, sparing kitchen sink
  • Rethinking layout and tool placement, rectifying mistakes made, etc.

Date / Period:

Unknown, not set yet, to be determined.
Seemed to have taken place from mid-September to mid-November... some details left to finish later.

Participants / volunteers:

(if for a specific part, please indicate that behind your name):

  • Mr. Ultratux
  • justa - too busy to edit the wiki but will certainly show up
  • cmpxchg - Showed up for the heavy stuff \o/
  • branko - Showed up for the heavy stuff \o/

Task list / Timeline

Rough task list, to be refined/updated. In this order, generally.

  • Disposal method of the debris: Inquire what (if any) possibilities exist at UR. UR kindly allows us to dump it in their container. Retrieve key.
  • Make appointment with Laurens/UR for the electrical conduit in the wall Ultratux
  • Relocate remaining network equipment outside, well shielded from dust(!!) (or far away to the glass room)
    • Contact network team, ask them what they need from us to make that happen (like longer cables, from where to where?)
    • Get list of what sockets are on what VLANS and which cables need POE so we might start rerouting cables to the glass room
    • Run a cable to new uplink outlet in West space, ask Onno to move patchcable.
    • Have <someone> manage/fix the remaining connections to roof, or work around that if that doesn't get done in time.
  • Make a casing around the fusebox to shield it from splashes & vapours from sink below it.
  • Ultratux bought and insta-pledged an acrylic door for the fusebox.
  • remove the 19" rack
  • remove the red drawer systems
  • Take just about everything else out of the rooms, store intelligently. Dustproof the remainder.
  • Make sure the high tables in front of the window are not blocked by that stuff
  • Take out the parts of the ceiling tiles and supports that will interfere with our work
  • Take out or protect the air conduits that risk getting pierced/damaged by flying debris.
    • hang up/suspend the air distribution boxes if they impede the work (by being part of the ceiling structure etc.)
  • Tape dustproof/watertight everything that needs protecting.
  • Disconnect the electricity outlet+cable that is inside the wall we're taking down. The network outlet too.
  • Tape the door+doorframe so dust is contained inside rooms as well as can be. If possible, depends on our mode of work.
  • Arrange for protective wear: dust masks, eyewear, ear protection, builders' helmets... the works.
  • Arrange breaking tools; sledgehammer. maybe pickaxe (many wall, very mine, so d0ge!), maybe hilti's too
  • Break wall down, while making sure we can also evacuate the rubble. People seem to disagree on the best way to do that.
  • Dispose of the debris. Yes we can dispose of it in a container at the (back of the-) terrain.
  • Apply concrete primer to wall to prepare for plaster.
  • Plaster/fixup walls. Multiple layers necessary. Paint 'em too.
  • Clean everything up well
  • Egalize floor so it can support laminate
  • Put in laminate floor, wall to wall
    • Justa plans to put the laminate also outside..Ultratux disagrees with the need
  • Remove wood from door bottom to accomodate new floor height. Put in door threshold.
  • Design/purchase/build a (rubber?) dustproof strip to put on door. Doesn't seem necessary...
  • Rearrange ceiling slats so the ceiling will be seamless. Cut new tiles to match. Remko ought to have tiles if needed.
  • Possibly relocate some of the air duct inlets? If needed.
  • Block off one door, (possibly using extra insulation?) I strongly favour/suggest the east door, but... read on
    • However, if we choose to block the west door, combined with removing the partition behind the pillar, you could move the short fridge over to this side. This is good for making a proper bar at the larger events, because you can trivially block off the fridges with two tables in 90 degree angle between pillar and sink. This DOES merit some debate, it could be very good.
    • In that case, the entrance of the dirty room stays the same door as it is now, only you can walk around the pillar, which you cannot do now.
  • Build and secure the benches using the high tables as frames + Gamma plywood on top
    • A suggestion was made to close the shelves below the benches with doors against dust (essentially making cabinets) Ultratux isnt sold on the idea yet.
    • Ultratux disagreement in part has to do with the storage items below; like, why would you want to shield wood stock from sawdust? etc. Doors make the access hard.
  • Paint/varnish the benches (It would be good to try and do parts of this in advance so we don't waste a week to wait for 3 coats to dry...)
  • Put some powertools in, where appropriate, like onto walls or on dedicated platforms. Examples/good tools for this: the plate saw onto wall, vertical. The drill press on a small platform. The key cutter, too.
  • Put sink in, drill through wall to kitchen, arrange water conduits.
  • Redo/expand/fix electricity. People have expressed desire for emergency cut-off switch. Hard(er) to do if multiple groups though... how would a good way? Ultratux is provisioning for two groups now. He would like to avoid making too-complex a system...
    • Make a 3-phase outlet, while at the same time discouraging use of high-powered equipment since we have just small fuses, regrettably.
    • Optionally: change the air exhaust fan back to 3-phase, thereby increasing its power by ~50% or so
  • While planning work surface and shelves, do arrange storage space for:
    • Wood; large sheets
    • Wood; scrap pieces
    • Wood, metal, plastic; lengthy stuff like rods, pipes, sticks, etc
    • Wood, perhaps metal; large beams
    • Metal; scraps and small sheets
    • Power tool storage off the benches
    • Screws, plugs, bolts; re-hang red drawers etc. Somewhere.
    • Hand tools from tool board and/or office drawer block
      • Make better place than drawerblock for stuff like drills, bits, etc. Ultratux usually made a row of holes in a ridge where the diff drills are kept. Helps to get direct oversight on what may be missing or misplaced, too.
  • Put everything that remains back inside

Optional, perhaps outside of the scope of this project

  • Split toolboard up into soldering tools and other, move soldering tools west.
  • Create tables or [......] in front of the windows now that that becomes unoccupied
  • Reroute/replace UTP to new location of core switch(es) (glass room? or not?)
  • Perhaps relocate audio mixer to more central place (if so desired)
  • Perhaps create fume hood over/around sink?