Broedplaatsen open dag 2013-09-21

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Broedplaatsen open dag 2013-09-21
Date 2013/09/21
Location h(ACTA)
Type Festival
Contact Contact



Workshops / demo's

  • solder workshop - techinc cards with Brainsmoke and others.
  • learn how to design a simple thing which can be 3d-printed
  • 3d printing in various forms
  • lockpicking
  • make a phone/tablet/laptop sleeve
  • young hackspace activities Young_Hackspace_First_Edition
  • arcade demo
  • quadcopter demonstrations
  • maybe overflow/integrate with our corridor (arcade or other 'installations' outside the space)
  • Whatever will be decided, there should be snacks served too! ;-P
  • random events we cannot predict

Who will be there


Short presentations (~5 min each), or max 15 min for more complicated subjects

What was skipped:

  • something about browser plugins like adblock plus, ghostery, https everywhere, etc (PDF)
  • GNU30? - some instructions/showcase of GNU and OSS?