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Agenda: ALV October 2013

Shorter notes, based on the ORIGINAL longer minutes

0 Admin

(at the start) 23 members present and 4 proxy votes. and one observer. and two kids.

(later) (27, 14 is majority)

financial report read by Realitygaps , prepared by Arda Xi:

We pay €1.095,73 a month for rent.

Our income fluctuates more wildly, so I'll just give the data that the bank gives me.

April: € 1.135,69                                                                                                      
May: € 1.900,80                                                                                                        
June: € 2.287,99                                                                                                       
July: € 1.658,16                                                                                                       
August: € 772,49                                                                                                       
September: € 1.509,99                                                                                                  
October: € 1.069,99 (so far)                                                                                           

It's rather difficult to draw any conclusions from this, mostly because sometimes people pay multiple months in one go or don't pay or whatever. I'm also rather reluctant to make calculations from this...

What I can say is that on average, it seems we have a surplus of about €380 a month

Discussion - see longer minutes

Notes from the board:

Total number of people 88 . 51 paying.

every week one new member. so extra 50 per year. approx.

Q: how many people did not pay longer then 3 months? answer: 22.

Q: How many people pay less then minimum? 3 less then 10; 4 more less then 20.

1 Discretionary budget

Discussion - see longer minutes

1.3. voting on mechanism: how to choose category; how do the items get on the list of that category. a group of 5, 4 members and board member. if this gets rejected, we'll use "common sense" instead.


1.1. discretionary budget:


1.2. amount 10: all; 20; 50: most. more: some.

Agreed: 50 euro per month, can not be carried over. only for small expenses.

2 Paying the loan back to HXX

Discussion - see longer minutes


3 Shall we move to another space?

Discussion - see longer minutes

chair: let's remove "Move to the Cruquiusweg space."

voting procedure: multiple goes, pitted against each other.

  • a) None, we do not move at all and stay where we are.
  • b) Move to the Larger space within the ACTA building.
  • c) Add the space of one of our two direct neighbours to ours.

a: 17. b: 7 c: 7

decision: we are not moving!

3.1 storage space

cost: 105 e/month. 11m2. no window.

Voting results: yes: 15. no: 6. abstain: 6.

Agreed: will rent extra storage space.

Swapping points 4&5.

Formalizing will influence the amount.

4 Formalizing membership fee

Discussion - see longer minutes

4.2. brainsmoke suggestion: 2. minumum 5 and recommended 20. but fixed. yes: 25. no:0 abstain: 1 (andreas left)

4.3 no minimum, mandatory $ value. , set in point 4, with discretion of the board. yes: 9. no: 17 abstain: 0

Agreed: Minimum monthly fee is 5 Euro, recommended 20 Euro Resolution: we keep brainsmoke's text.

Action: discuss friend of the space on next alv.

5 Increasing recommended membership fee

Discussion - see longer minutes

Agreed to keep it at 20 Euro.


Discussion - see longer minutes

Actions for the next ALV:

  • financial outlook for 2014.
  • statuten to be updated. and hhr. committee? volunteers?

control-k, marc, justa, vesna, chotee, brainsmoke

  • chotee: alternative spaces? next committee? volunteers? we continue.
  • stef: to digitalize passport copies? can we object? alternative?
  • Action: vesna: i'll propose "how to end membership", to have something to discuss.
  • sebastian: can someone become responsible for keeping inventory, and someone to be responsible for the storage space... ?

3 volunteers: barbera, maarten, joram.