ALV November 2022

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ALV November 2022
Date 2022/11/20
Time 19:30 - 22:30
Location ACTA
Contact Board
Minutes ALV November 2022/Minutes
ALV November 2022
Date 2022/11/20
Time 19:30 - 22:30
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact admin at board dot techinc dot nl

Here is the official invitation for our upcoming general members meeting (ALV).

It will be on Sunday, 20th of November 2022 Start time is: 19:30 CET

Please note that for the duration of this ALV, the space is solely available to members of the association who participate in the meeting!

Due to some last minute information we received regarding the announced increase in price for the service costs, we had to throw away our old budget proposal and had to start over again. The board treasurer is still crushing some numbers.

On the next boardmeeting, the 9th of November, the board will decide what options will be presented to you, the members, for approval. Until then, the budgetproposal page will remain empty. We trust that you understand.

We hope to see you on the 20th of November. If you can't make it physical, please consider to find a member who can proxy for you.

Below you can find the agenda with all items to be discussed.

The agenda of the upcoming meeting:

1. Opening

1.1 Amount of people present, proxy votes

- Proxy vote form:

1.2 Finalizing the agenda; any new items?

1.3 Vote: Approving minutes from last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting can be found:

VOTE: This is a yes/no vote whether to accept the minutes from previous meeting

2. Reports

2.1 Report from the board

The board will present a small overview over 2022 thus far.

2.2 Explanation of proposed budget 2023

The 2023 Budgetproposal can be found here:

The contents of this proposal will be made available after the next board meeting of 2022-11-09

2.2.1 Vote: Accept or decline budgetproposal for 2023

WOTE: This is a yes/no vote whether to accept the budgetproposal presented by the board.

3. Dispute committee

3.1. Vote for new term for active members and vote for candidacy of new members

VOTE: This is closed vote whether to accept candidate(s) for joining / continuing the dispute committee

4. Belated 10 years anniversary party / slightly early 11 years party

==4.1. Vote: to allocate some extra funds (€ 250,-) of the association to make this party happen==

VOTE: This is a yes/no vote whether to allocate € 250,- of extra association money to cover costs for the 10/11 year anniversary party

5. Any other business (wvttk)/rondvraag

6. Closing