ALV November 2021

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ALV November 2021
Date 2021/11/20
Time 19:00 - 22:00
Location ACTA / Jitsi
Contact Board
Minutes ALV November 2021/Minutes
ALV November 2021
Date 2021/11/20
Time 19:00 - 22:00
Location ACTA / Jitsi
Type Meeting
Contact admin at board dot techinc dot nl

Physical present at the space during the ALV (max 12)

  1. Bakboter
  2. Justa
  3. Piele
  4. BOFH
  5. 3p1c
  6. Blizem
  7. Fnoerd
  8. Oberoid
  9. monolithic
  10. Phicoh
  11. Maxigas

1. Opening

1.1 Amount of people present, proxy votes

- Proxy vote form:

1.2 Hybrid meeting with Jitsi, announcements on procedures. (evt.)

We are going to be running this meeting across two platforms at the same time. There will be people following the ALV in the space. At the same time, we will be having the meeting available to people on Jitsi.

You will be able to follow AND participate in the ALV via

We have decided to go for Jitsi instead of Mumble due to the lower barrier-to-entry ; only requiring a web-browser. If you are not sure if your webbrowser OR computer can handle Jitsi, please take time to check compatibility in the weeks prior to the ALV to try and get a working setup. If you are sure it will not work for you, please consider attending in RL if possible, or contact to discuss options for supporting Mumble next to Jitsi.

When using Jitsi or any other conferencing platform, we ask you to use headphones so as to prevent the numerous issues with sound-echoing that is a typical problem.

We strongly suggest that you enable the camera during the ALV , though we do not require you to be visible or recognizable. Voting by holding up a hand when asked to vote for/against something is an efficient way to conduct a vote.

We are still investigating the need to be re-using our online voting-platform at during this ALV. We will inform you of this in a directed mail to your email registered with us.

1.3 Vote: Approving minutes from the last meeting

Text to the minutes can be found here:

The contents under this link will be updated soon and will be available at least 1 week before the ALV.

Vote is a yes/no/blank/abstain

2. Reports

2.1 Report from the board

This will be prepared for the ALV and included in the ALV-notes

2.2 Explanation of proposed budget

You can find the proposed budget for 2022 at

2.2.1 Vote: Accept or decline budget

Vote is a yes/no/blank/abstain

2.3 Report from social media committee (if anything)

2.4 Report from dispute committee (if anything)

2.5 Report from event committee (if anything)

2.6 Report from maintenance committee (if anything)

3. Kasco

3.1 Vote upon candidates for Kasco 2021

The current KasCo (financial auditors committee) is too small to function correctly to be able to check the financial report over 2021 , coming up early next year.

For this reason we ask for people to come forward to volunteer for this function. Guidance and help is available if this is your first time volunteering for such a thing.

Candidates for the KasCo2021 can announce themselves beforehand via a mail to or at the ALV itself.

The vote is: [The group of candidates] are to be chosen as Kasco for 2021.

This is a single yes/no/blank/abstain vote

4. Votable Points

4.1 Determine minimum amount for donator-ship: Proposal; E 5,- / month. (art 6.3)

Article 6.3 of our statutes defines that the ALV, decides upon the minimum 'fee' for being a donator.

This is purely a formal point on this agenda as it simply has never been determined before what the minimum amount should be.

The board proposes this to be €5,00 / month

This is a yes/no/blank/abstain vote.

4.2 Hosting friendly organisations (Justa)

Over the course of techinc's existence we have had our space available for other groups that we hold dear, value or consider an important part of the hacker-community that we intend to foster and facilitate.

This normally has been through having one or two of our members ask if it'd be alright for them to have (semi-)regular meetings at our space; open to all of our members too.

Examples of this have been the Perl Mongers and Toool.

While the board is of the opinion that this has worked very well in the past, we have also been approached by groups who do not directly have members among our hackerspace, but do fit well with who we want to help, acomodate and have interaction with.

For this reason, the board would like to propose a framework to allow the board to be able to accept such requests within certain conditions. This framework is supplementary to 'having a bunch of our members host a regular meetup with some of their friendly organisations/groups'; which is always possible for people to host as long as it does not clash with 'big things in the space' (ALV, Social, events, etc).

The text to be incorporated in our HR to acomodate this framework reads as follows:

Per year, the association is able to allow outside organisations to use the space for a total of 24 days, divided over as many groups/parties or less.

The board serves as the party responsible for: acceptance, planning, compensation and is given a mandate to decide these things.

Compensation for use of the space is assumed; however this can be brought down to €0,- if warranted for parties TechInc deems beneficial to the association in other ways than just monetary.

Additionally, acceptance of any group is subject to member-approval beforehand. Details about compensation and frequency will be included in the consultation.

The planning of days available to any and all groups is performed by board with member-input and should not clash with any big events or pre-planned activities whenever possible. This explicitly included socials and alv's and such.

In case of scheduling-clashes that cannot be resolved otherwise, any member/space-related event gets precedence.

Vote text: Include the following in our HR to be able to more easily accomodate friendly external parties in our space.

Voting options are: Yes, No, Abstain

4.3 Cancelling membership , position regarding waiving of membershipfees.

  • NOTE* THe text of this point has been CHANGED due to concerns regarding clashes/redefining things already stated in our statutes. The OLD version is included as a reference below. The board deemed this neccesary to have it changed to prevent collisions/clashes/disputes

The statutes provide for a method of cancelling your membership with techinc. Article 4.2 lines out how to send in your cancellation, what the notice-period is (one calendar-month), etc.

It also provides the board the possibility to waive any and all further requirements for paying membership-dues from the moment the cancellation comes into effect until the end of the calendar-year.

The statutes list that this requires a 'special circumstance'.

The intent of the following HR-text is to make any and all cancellations , by default, a 'special circumstance' *unless* the board actively indicates there are reasons why it is not possible to waive the requirements for paying membership fees until the end of the calendar-year.

These reasons can be because of outstanding fees/invoices/costs/etc. or ultimately, reasons that involve safeguarding against calamities.

The HR-text up for inclusion is as follows

 Cancelling membership, intent-statement regarding Statutes art. 4.2

 When a member cancels their membership with the space, adhering to the process outlined and described in the Statutes art. 4, 
 the association considers such a cancellation a 'special circumstance' with regards to the 'waiving of membership dues' as described in 4.2.

 The board can still decide that waiving costs is not possible in certain circumstances such as (but not limited to) 
 outstanding fees, costs, invoices, etc. If it chooses to do so, it must actively communicate this with the member in question before the end of the one-month notice-period of cancellation.


The vote will be : Yes/No/Abstain

The OLD version of this proposal is supplied below for reference so that the ALV can determine if this still adheres to the same intent and purpose.

4.3 (old) Process concerning requests for ending of memberships and waiving of membership-fee

The association statutes have been written with a year-membership in mind. This has, from the beginning, clashed with what the intent to allow members to cancel at any point during the year.

This has been something that has been informally made possible through the discretion that the board has to waive any and all outstanding fees of any member at any moment in time.

However, especially recently, people have come to take notice of the 'one year membership' aspect and have been concerned they would be unable to cancel before the end of the year if they have the need to stop being a member of Techinc at any moment in time, for any reason.

For this reason and a number of others, the board would like to propose incorporating the following text into our HR , so as to make the process a clear, transparent and visible one, anchored in our HR for current and future boards and members to adhere to.

 Process concerning requests for ending of memberships and waiving of membership-fee

Any member who wants to cancel their membership before the end of the year should do the following:

* Send a request for cancellation to the board via (e-)mail
* If a specific end-date is desired, please specify this
* The end date should take into account the notice-period of one CALENDAR MONTH  (Statutes 4.2)

Upon the receiving the request, the board will:

* Confirm having received the mail and confirm end-date of membership, as long as it adheres to Statutes 4.2
* Within a month from this confirmation, board will make clear  if there are any outstanding dues, fees , invoices or other costs still due related to the membership that is being cancelled.

At this point it should be clear just what fees are still to be paid before the end-date of the membership. This includes the last month or months or membership and any mentioned outstanding dues as noted above.

After all mentioned dues/fees/etc have been settled  THE MEMBERSHIP CANCELLED ACCORDING TO THE REQUIREMENTS ABOVE WILL IMPLICITLY HAVE ANY FURTHER PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP WAIVED. Read: no further payments for membership required/expected.

Voting text: Include the text above in the HR Voting options: Yes/No/Abstain

4.4 Framework for student/Youth-membership (Art. 7.1) (Board)

  • NOTE * : This agenda-point will NOT be presented for voting upon. It is not finalized and is there only to serve as a point of discussion for this ALV.

The statutes provide for having different categories of membership-fees.

Currently the association already has a framework in place that allows the board to grant a member to pay less than the full amount of dues based on their personal situation.

This framework is part of the house-rules and is designed to allow the association to accept people who simply are not able to afford the full amount , but clearly have a place in our community.

A clear category among the people that apply for this are students and/or other people who simply do not have any source of solid income yet.

For this reason the board is investigating whether or not to create a Student/Youth category of membership as a way to acknowledge this.

A proposal will be made available 1 week before the ALV if decided that it is ready for this ALV.

5. Any other business (wvttk) / rondvraag

6. Closing