ALV June 2021/Minutes

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Meeting starts at: 13:00

1. Opening

1.1. Amount of people present & proxy votes

Local participants:

-Bakboter (proxy for Realitygaps) -Justa -Piele

Via Jitsi:

-Sjaan -Ultratux -Blizem -Gorgabal -Phoenix (left 14:05) -Qguv

Joined later via jitsi:

- 13:30 Webmind (left 14:10) - 14:00 fnoerd - 14:55 WFK

3 in space, 6 online, 1 proxy, total 10 (at start meeting)

1.2. Hybrid meeting with Jitsi, announcement on on procedures

  • Justa gives some explanation regarding Jitsi procedures.
  • No questions

1.3 Vote: Approving minutes from the last meeting

  • No questions, vote

9 yes, 1 abstain

  • Minutes of 2021-03-13 are approved

2. Reports

2.1. Report from the board

  • 1st. small report about the time since macrch and now.
  • Things that have happened, and what we have done .
  • We did the ALVMEET sessions, where many of you have participated in.
  • Things were talked about regarding future wishes/direction/requirements/desires.
  • 1 proposal came from that, which has been incorporated: space maintenance committee.
  • Also there is now an Event committee.
  • Several COVID updates, the latest went into practice today (26-06)
  • Several questions regarding interpretation of the policy. How they are to be interpreted / hackz0red around
  • Financial report has been made
  • In 2020 21 members joined and a total of 10 members left.
  • at beginning of 2020 ,jan : 130 members - up until now we had to say goodbye to 44 members.
  • we have to try 3 times over the period of 3 months (to reach a member)
  • we went from 50 to 5 payments issues at the moment of the ALV (2021-06-26)

Question : can we get rid of these 3 months

   Piele : TLDr there are more ways and we will look into it as board.

lock: We had to buy new lock because it was failing. That was vandalized within a week, had to go all over again.

2.2 Financial report + budget

After 2020 we had to reverse engineer the financial report , based on the transaction and bank acounts mutations in cash envlopes etc . There is a report , we had a bad year the net result of 2020 the amount of contribution received was about the same as 2019 ; 2020 was the same in 2019 and before the report was different: based uppon Expenture and Now by balance . we try to relate the numbers to each book year they belong in. Remarkable things: we have inventory now. Wich is the 3d printers We noticed we still paid for an old storagebox (deposit to UR) We dont have the information up until 2014. (which is when we stopped renting the box) There wil be correction upon the deposit of this storage room Drink had a negative result we are 189 euros short. can be partially explained by by reimbursement with no reciepts (taken by people from the cash-box) We started to keep stock count so we incorpate that into the FR 2021 numbers from 2019 are not automatically applicable to 2020  ; Kasko is aware. Budget : in the agenda we said we would do a proposal for a new budget instead we provide a revesion of this budget.

Question about how long the association can still pay for rent:

  • Theoretically 20 months (as per 2 months ago), but more people left since then and more expenses were made. Situation needs to improve and become stable before end of year. Money would also be required to be able to disband the space in case it ever comes to that.

No more questions

2.2.1 Report from the financial committee (webmind)

  • Looked 2 evenings
  • Happy with the improvements, hope that stays in future reports as well
  • Some questions, asked board, got satisfying reply
  • Conclusion: Advice to approve the report
  • NOTE: later WFK came online (post 14:55) to give more remarks, minutes reflect this.

2.2.2 Vote: Approve financial report

11 yes, 1 abstain

conclusion: Financial report approved.

Qguv notes that finanincial report is always a pita, asks

question regarding what can we/board/members do to make administration / financial reports easier for everyone

Keep track of finances on monthly basis (GNUCASH)

Make sure reminders/import are done on time (monthly)

for members: Please provide description in bank transfers, to make things more obvious for the people processing this.

2.2.3 Vote: Acquit former board

6 yes, 0 no, 3 abstain

2.2.4Vote: Approve revised budget for remainder of year

This is not a vote (More an explanation that we expect less income (2500-ish), expenses roughly the same.

2.2.5 Vote: Appointing Kasco for 2021

We need a Kasco for next ALV else we need accountant.

We have no volunteers for kasco at this ALV

Board will send mail to inform we need members for the kasco, this will be an agendapoint on the next ALV (in the fall, before the end of the year)

2.3 Report from Dispute committee

We have no reply from the dispute committee, and noone is representing

Brief report from WFK: Committee has temporal members since last alv. Has 2 active disputes that need attention. Committee has been not so functional over the past months.

Wfk will probably will terminate membership within 1/2 year, so will be also risigning then from the committee.

Will work with Vesna and the new temporary members to get things going.

2.4 Report from Social media committee

We did not receive a report from the social media committee, and noone is representing

We sent a mail to the social media to be able to post automatically to for example Twitter. Justa is writing code and would like to use that for sending out notifications and such.

We need the coming 6 months for outreach, for visitors to know us, know what we do (events etc)

Gorgabal: september universities open again; flyering an option? PR-committee? To attract students to join us

Tux: Twitteraccount at your disposal

3. Elections

3.1. Board Elections

Koen/Gorgabal steps up, little introduction. member for over 5 years, knows the space. Has time available.

Going for a vote now;

Justa explains normally we would do this via anonymous voting (or via voting software) but that is not prepared for this meeting.

Bylaws explain that votes are held open, unless either the chair or 3 members oppose; Does anyone object?

Nobody objects against this procedure.

7 yes, 2 abstain

Koen is accepted for a board-position

4. Refund Declaration policy (announcement of procedure)

This is a procedure that is being worked on.

All will be post on that page, when ready we will announce via mail to everyone. with examples

5. Yearly revision of membership dues

Text about this was mostly verbatim from the agenda-text.
Question: are we not worried a lot of people will leave (5 euro members)
Answer: It is anticipated some will leave; but that is why we are deciding to have it be voted on now so that we can reach and inform these people and have them come to a decision before the end of this year about next year's dues; since any new dues are only taking effect at the start of 2022. Note that there is still the possibility of being a member for less than 25 euro; based on board discretion and subject to yearly revision. The main change is that it will not be possible to just 'decide' you will pay less than the official membership-dues for the space.
Also: Membership dues will be 'for a year' , starting at the beginning of the year, and it is aimed to also adjust the pay-by-date to BEFORE the beginning of the month; this proposal does NOT contain the latter yet; but the statutes do explain memberships are per year.
People who are paying for year-memberships in THIS year are already being asked to pay 'up to the end of this year', and not beyond for the above reasons.

5.1 Report from the ALVMEET meetings.

Verbatim text (see agenda )

5.2 proposal

Vote is whether we accept [text of proposal] to be part of the HHR per 2022-01-01

9 in favor, 1 against, 1 abstain

Point accepted

6. Space Maintenance Committee

Gorgabal initiated this proposal after the ALVmeet sessions


During the alv meetings a lot of comments heard was like: I cannot find something, it's a mess, etc.

The goal should be that if you come to the space you can start working on projects instead of first have to clean.

A nice and tidy space is also nice for potential new members, instead of being scared way.

Justa explains how committees can be formed. (Can be through ALV (HR), can be through BOARD, can be through statutes)

We're asking for people who might be interested in joining this committee.

First task is to organize itself

Gorgabal, Ultratux, Justa, Bakboter are interested

guv mentions parking permit / ticket system for unidentified objects in the space, this worked well at his previous space:

7. Votable points

7.1 Donations and sponsorships

QGUV: Questions/warning about intent/possibility to use this for 'link-farm' SEO offers that reach Techinc via mail: Answer: No intent at all to be using this for that.

2 votes; 1 for donations, 1 for sponsorship

Donations and donors, now up for vote

10 yes, 1 against

Sponsors section, now up for vote

9 yes, 1 against, 1 abstain

Both rules will be incorporated in the HHR after this meeting.

8. Any other items (wvttk)


9. Rondvraag


10. Closing

15:45 meeting finished

Thank you all for attending (you know who you are)