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TechInc ALV 2018, November 24


1 Admin


1.1 Number of people present, number of proxy votes, guests?

Start time: 14:14

14 members present (2 proxy votes)

quorum 8

Wizzup opens

1.2 Approving the notes from the previous meeting

Approve 11 Agaist 0 Abstain 3


1.3. Finalizing agenda (any new points?)

Bigmac: talk about power Wizzup: add power team report

2. Reports

2.1 Report from the board

Wizzup: 112 active members, about the same as the last ALV. We chase people to make sure they pay. We have been dealing with GDPR. Working on getting rid of information. Phicoh made a draft. There is a new triodos bank account for drinks. We put 1000 euro in it. So we no longer have a mix of drinks and other in our main (bank) account. Also allow for other people to get access. There no plans to move from ABN to Triodos

Vesna: tip for tridos account Wizzup: don't mention hackers. DrWax: frame rejection letter from triodos

Bigmac: more people would be good. But it is fine at the moment.

Justa: is the code I wrote while on the board still working Wizzup: yes it is. But we didn't do a bank import recently DrWhax: most people are paying normally. Some lowered donation. Some people don't reply Justa: socials are quiet Wizzup: for the end of the ALV.

Wizzup: nothing happened related to the ex-member Financial update: 768 euro in triodos ABN has just onder 9000 and 500 in savings 100 euros from triodos was used to reimburse Einstein

Bigmac: I update prices when drinks come in

2.1.1 Operating budget for 2019

Piele: about insurance, is 100 euro in total Wizzup: it is supposed to be for inboedel verzekering. Justa: that was calculated a long time ago

Vote on raising insurance to 200

Yes: 13 No: 0 Abstain: 1


Piele: what about the 2500 euro legal fees. Wizzup: precaution, (we don't this will be spend at all)

Vesna: add current bank account to budget proposal

Katje: webhosting is a server at leaseweb Justa: we will move more stuff there Approval of techinc operating budget for 2019

Yes: 14


2.2. Report from dispute committee

Chotee: what we done: we report statistics to the board every month. The procedure from the last ALV has been put into a workflow. Needs to be finalized with the board. We had no requests.

Wizzup: explain purpose of dispute committee

Chotee: comment mediates in conflicts between members or members and the board. Tries to find a solution. After hearing everybody the committee will put a recommendation to the board.

Vesna: who is on the committee Chotee: me and wfk. Wfk is in Ireland at the moment

In 2019 should be more visible. Without getting too much work. Put up some papers or mail members.

To do: finalize the workflow. Create small infrasructure. Short in one member. And one member is not in .nl

With less than 3 members not as independent of the board as it should be. Because co-option involves the board.

2.3. Report from Social media committee

Chotee: we met 4 times. We created an overview of current presence. We have accounts: facebook, meetup, twitter, etc. In the hands of various members Sent e-mail, didn't get any response.

Oberoid: there was a response on the linkedin account

Chotee: Plans for 2019: get access to at least some of the accounts. Make active or mark as obsolete.

Wizzup: Setup a bridge from IRC to social media

What we are missing: coordination is hard.

Katje: plan is too all meet at the same time

2.4. Report from Network Team

Piele: in the beginning of the year consisting of Piele, Mattronix and Maikel. Mattronix and Maikel left. New people joined: Justa and Katje. Piele is sharing knowledge with new members Two weeks ago upgrade (happened) on server rack.

Soon restructure all services.

Justa: there were things that worked for a long time. New people need to learn how things work. More capacity to provide more services.

Bring your disk, we will host it.

Have a lot more hardware. Redundant blade chassis. More scalable VM hosting.

Ties in with budget proposal for disks.

Somewhere in the next months have a pile of hardware to take home.

Wizzup: how do to people join? Katje: say to Piele can I join. And provides the indoctrination. Justa: need to be able to brew beer.

Piele: we have a bunch of services. If people feel like something really cool that should run at the space.

Oberoid: possibility 'mosquito' server accessible from outside. Justa: would have to forward a port.

Wizzup: is is possible to fix mail for SPF. Justa: not soon

Vesta: wiki, is that the network team? Justa: yes

2.5. Powerpoint Report from Power Team

Bigmac: shows powerpoint on paper. With blockchain Some parts have been ordered. Remaining orders have been placed. Power is either bigmac does something or not He is looking for help

Katje: can we have a mail alias for power team

3. Votable points

3.1. Purchases for the network team (see ALV_Nov_2018/Network) (Katje)

3.1.1. Approval of purchasing of equipment for the network team value <E2><82> <AC>440

Piele: creating redundant setup. Running out of storage. All slots are filled. 4 TB pool. Bring that to two disks of 4 TB. How have room to scale.

UTP cable to repair some of the connections. Connection to the fire place. Hallway cable is flaky.

Bigmac has provided cable. Bakboter also donated some cable. But keep new cable on the budget.

Katje: can always spend less. Not many opportunities to ask for money.

Vesna: is it for this year. Recurring? Katje: One off.

Bigmac: ask members first Justa: wanted to do that. But not enough time before ALV

Justa: can we afford this Phicoh: yes

Yes: 14


3.2. Budget for board (see ALV_May_2018/Ultratux) (Katje)

Wizzup: we voted against last time because we were running out of time. Justa: we voted on it because if there is anything left over we have to organise a next ALV soon. so voting against it means no need for an ALV immediately.

Katje: currently either pledge or go to ALV. No ideal if something breaks.

Plan gives board right to replace stuff. Can be delegated. That is the first part.

Then there is budget for new items.

Then there is budget if small items

Then there is a budget for new memberboxes

Justa: there is already a budget for small items.

Vesna: in favor. There should be something to stop the board giving money to friends.

Phicoh: should not be the board

Piele: wonderful to have a proposal like this, but this is too restrictive. One bigger, etc. may still need to go to the ALV.

Wizzup: do you know if you voting mechanism could be used for purchages.

Chotee: the board could run the vote

Piele: could be part of budget

Bigmac: we have a board budget. This system still involves the board. Why not raise that budget

Justa: is about recurring items

Oberoid: CNC. Budget? Justa: needs a few parts.

Katje: I like it

Chotee: we can always revise it

Wizzup: move this vote later?

Bigmac: can reduce pledges

3.2.1. Limit on purchases - <E2><82><AC>1000 per year

Yes: 11 No: 2 Abstain: 1


3.2.2. Limit on purchases - <E2><82><AC>500 per year

3.2.3. Approval for one off purchases (<E2><82><AC>250 a year)

Katje: on top of the 1000 euro for replacements

Yes: 12 No: 2


3.2.4. Insignificant purchases (<E2><82><AC>50 per year)

Also on top of previous two

Yes: 5 No: 8 Abstain: 1


3.2.5. New member boxes - <E2><82><AC>300 one time

Yes: 13 No: 1


3.3. Usage of Tools (see ALV_Nov_2018/Justa1) (Justa)

Justa: some people have concerns on how tools are used. Tools are for projects in the space. People just borrow tools from the space. If people just take tools, we don't know where tools are.

Katje: how to you define tools. Justa: just about anything Bigmac: what will happen with the rules Justa: put in HR Wizzup: what with people who live here Justa: fine if it short term

Oberoid: why not confront people who take tools out of the space Justa: if there a no conditions, what can you say? Piele: good to have rules Chotee: As somebody who has stuff on permanent loan to the space, I really like this Vesta: not clear enough about mishandling of tools Justa: it depends.

Wizzup: what color paint

3.3.1. Approve policy on usage of tools

Yes: 12 No: 1 Abstain: 1

3.4. Tool Guardians (see ALV_Nov_2018/Justa2) (Justa)

3.4.2. Approve policey - Tool Guardians

Justa: Phicoh: what about privately owned Justa: should not be done without the owner Katje: London hackerspace has a designated owner of every tool Wizzup: does it work Katje: no they go too far Vesna: who documents the tool guardians are Justa: I hope the wiki Justa: limit use of guardians for individual tools XXX: I have seen it work and not work. Doesn't work if it is one person Bigmac: addresses that it is unclear who is responsible for what. I don't see it working. Better to just discuss who is working on what Chotee: comments on ownership and guardianship. Justa: example: oscilloscope. As an owner you can still stay what can be done. Guardians will document that. Chotee: as a member I want to have an easy way to find out who the guardian is for an area/tool

Yes: 11 No: 2 Abstain: 1


4. Elections

4.1. Board elections. (closed vote)

Nobody available

4.2. Dispute Committee elections (closed vote)

Vesna is candidate


5. Any other business


Vesna: pay for the cleaner Katje: what tool do you replace

Bigmac: we may want to upgrade kitchen cabinetes

Phicoh: What to do with new members, the board doesn't always know them Bigmac: some people give key after 2 months Justa: closing Vesna: temporary membership Wizzup: there was a problem with a new member Vesna: overhead wizzup depends on the system Chotee: having somebody sponsor is a higher threshold than provisional Justa: people who come and know nobody. It is really a bar. Have a provisional status. Wizzup: the board can also vote for somebody DrWhax: finding somebody to vouch doesn't really work. CCC Berlin on the open night, ... At the moment we give people a tour. Vesna: finding a mentor for a new person. That we find somebody a mentor Justa: does it prevent issues. Katje: how many unique 285. 3 problem cases. Risk of mistakes. Phicoh: problem with lack of social structure Justa: less labor intensive way of informing new members. Tour of the space should be longer than 5 minutes. Should really inform new members how things work. Make understand that you really are a member not a user of the space. Chotee: raises welcome package. Justa: better to solve in a general way. Have a welcome committee Vesna: is called onboarding. Wizzup: we need volunteers Katje: 50% I have never met. We do rely on stealth members for financial reasons.

Closed at 17:04