Techinc soldering kit

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Participants Brainsmoke, Justa, The JinX
Skills PCB Design, ordering parts
Status Dormant
Niche Electronics
Purpose Education

Get a kit together for soldering workshops.

different PCBs of increasing difficulty (through-hole, sop, ssop, QFN(?), BGA(trololo.))


  • Techinc logo (SMD) (TODO: convert the logo from svg to gerber)
  • The Key To The Space
  • analog 555 circuit? some synthesizer thing?
  • a moodlamp to be chained with those of other members
  • arduino clone? (or MSP430, or ARM, or PIC?)
  • Robots!!! (a through-hole pcb maybe?)
  • usb enabled device (keyboard sniffer/...)
  • RF device
  • FPGA
  • sensor expansion board
  • raspi IO extender
  • tvbgone-clone
  • LCD display / simple game contoller
  • led-watch
  • simple interface to fake SID chip
  •  ???


PCB shops