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More information on the SpaceAPI on


To know whether you can go to the space, you need to know whether it's open, and what better place to find out than on the website.

To allow all sorts of interfaces to inform everyone a php script exposes an api.

Realitygaps will probably soon implement an mqtt interface

Projects using the SpaceAPI

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
Android 3p1c, Arda Xi Coding, UI design Software Infrastructure
SpaceAPI:Button Brainsmoke, Guido, Realitygaps OpenWRT, Basic electronics Electronics Infrastructure
SpaceAPI:Map/Benelux The JinX Electronics, Coding, UI design, Pcb-destruction Electronics Education
SpaceAPI:Map/World Electronics World domination
TISSEOT Amx109 Electronics, Making, Welding, Painting, Coding Mechanics Infrastructure