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Participants Brainsmoke, Realitygaps, The JinX
Skills Soldering, Basic electronics, Industrial design
Status Finished
Niche FoodHacks
Purpose Fun

The Nikotin Fixa is an electronic cigarette constructed from an IKEA rechargable screwdriver.

It is simple to build and should take less an hour.

Part of the Open Ecig project...


  • 1 IKEA FIXA Rechargable Screwdriver:

  • 1 510 ecig connector:


  • 2 Wires (we took them from a computer psu)
  • 3 pieces of heatshrink tubing
  • Small piece of plastic (or similar)


  • Soldering iron
  • Glue gun


1. Open up the screwdriver (there are 8 screws holding the cover together)

2. Cut wires next to the motor and remove it

3. Use a multimeter on those wires to check the voltage when the button is pressed (should be 3.6-3.8v)

4. Solder a wire to the center of the 510 connection

5. Use some heatshrink to insulate that wire (to prevent shorts)

6. Solder another wire to the outside ring of the 510 connection

7. Connect the other sides of the wires to where the motor was connected

8. Wrap something around the 510 connector so that it will hold better in place where the screwdriver was

9. Glue the 510 connector assembly to where the screwdriver was

10. Close up the screwdriver and test if it works (attach any 510 atomizer with suitable resistance).


Nikfixa1.jpg Nikfixa3.jpg Nikfixa4.jpg Nikfixa8.jpg Nikfixa9.jpg Nikfixa0.jpg


The recharging circuit (and light) will still work (its a slow charger but should give a decent amount of battery life)

The output is similar to a mechanical mod, using it with a 1ohm to 1.5ohm atomizer should give good results.

Further ideas

Theres lots of space inside the screwdriver still, some ideas:

  • Add voltmeter, ampmeter
  • Add a display
  • Make it an adjustable voltage device
  • Use a bottom feeding 510 connector so that a bottle can be stored in the screwdriver and feed the atomizer