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We have a house that is open for sharing between friends, owned and maintained by the community: small house under the large Lipa/Linde(n) tree.

It can be used for short stays, retreats, as a nomadic base, for “digital detox”.

FLOSC (free / libre open source cottage)

A bit like FLOSS (free / libre open source software) :

  • for free / gratis (or only for covering running costs)
  • it works, but the "user interface" is unpolished (favors function over form)
  • there is a "steep learning curve"
  • the is lots of maintenance needed and you have to do it yourself
  • you are free to use it & modify it
  • you also have a responsibility to contribute the "fixes" back
  • you must share it with others: with dormouse, with bugs, with extended family, and with the community of future users
  • you should leave it in a better state then you've found it
  • decisions are made by "rough consensus and running code"
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Contact: BECHA @ 

Lika Lodge Manual

Lika Lodge is a small house, like Scottish "bothy" or a "Wilderness hut". It belongs to BecHa's family.

This is part of the larger project, running since 2013:

How to get there


Address: Gubavcevo Polje 11 , Gracac, Lika, Croatia


GoogleMaps: has a street-view (up until the "graveyard")

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 10.03.41.png

Public Transport

  • Plane

Last Part of the Road

  • From the road Gracac-Knin, take a turn to Deringaj
  • Follow that road - asphalt, not a great quality, many curves & turns - to the "graveyard" that will be on your left
  • (just before the graveyard) Turn right to the gravel road, between two low stone-walls
  • After 100 meters turn RIGHT again, onto the GRASS ROAD
  • Follow that, over the fields, to the house number 12
    • on your right you will pass "transformation-pole" / electricity-station-thing
    • just before the house, there will be a plum&apple orchid on your right
  • Leave the car next to the HUGE WALNUT
  • Walk to the right, up the hill, to the Lodge - UNDER THE HUGE LINDEN TREE

Instructions for Use

Before You Arrive

  • Get the keys from Vesna / Get the info of there the key is "hidden"
  • PRINT OUT THESE INSTRUCTIONS & the MAP & get more verbal introductions from Vesna & Arnd
  • Make agreements with Vesna about the expenses
  • If you are not from EU, you must report to the police station in Gračac (potentially complex; talk to Vesna about additional paperwork needed).

Upon Arrival

ELECTRICITY & WATER MAINS HAVE BEEN SWITCHED OFF before last people left last time 
  • Turn the electricity on
    • there are fuse-boxes behind the front door
    • write down the values on the electricity meter
    • plug in & turn on the appliances: fridge, cooker, lights, heating...
  • Close all the water taps & "ventils"
    • water-heater in the kitchen has a "ventil" for this purpose
    • all the taps
    • washing-machine "ventil" & "filter"
  • Open the water - on the mains!
    • mains-ventil is in the (square) MANHOLE on the BOTTOM OF THE HILL!!! (mid-way between Mara's house & garden)
      • get verbal instruction from Vesna
    • check for any burst pipes
    • beware of snakes - they like the wet/cold place in the summer, or the hot stone in the spring/autumn
    • let the water RUN for a while, to get all the dirt from the pipes out, before you start drinking
A-IMG 20180504 143554 resized 20180504 040648187.jpg
  • Only then turn on the water-boiler
  • Open the windows to air the sleeping room
  • Clean all the dust
    • start from the TOP & go "down"
    • "dust off" all the cobwebs
    • remove the moths, flies and other bugs , from the CEILING BEAMS
    • remove spiders & bugs from the walls, with the duster
    • use the cloths to clean the horizontal surfaces: table, cooker, stove, chairs...
    • use the broom to brush all of that from the floor
      • eventually, also to remove possible mouse-shits from the floor
    • THEN use the vacuum-cleaner to remove finer particles
  • Set-up the GARBAGE collection:
    • Line up the "bucket(s)" with the rubbish-bin liners (plastic bags, large; black or yellow)
    • Plant-material & egg-shells can be composted (compost heap is near one of the walls of the old "garage")
    • Plastic & glass can be recycled , and should be collected separately
    • Paper can be burned in the fire , if you are using the wood-stove

During your stay

  • TAKE THE GARBAGE with you REGULARLY when you go away; one collection container is close to the church-ruin; others are in Gracac or other "cities"
  • Keep the house TIDY while you are staying there,
    • use the (improvised) mat for wiping the muddy feet in front of the doors (entrance, bathroom, sleeping room)
    • sweep the dust from the floor every day (to prevent it from getting into the sleeping room)
    • wash the dishes regularly - dirty dishes attract bugs, mice & PUH
    • throw the ashes somewhere behind the ruin-walls
    • ... if you keep it tidy while there, there will be less work just before departure
  • STORE all the food in CLOSED CONTAINERS - otherwise mice, bugs & PUH will eat it!
    • close the fridges & cupboards well - otherwise mice, bugs & PUH will get to it!
    • COVER the clean dishes with the kitchen cloth - otherwise dust & mice will make it dirty again
  • RESTOCK on the "expendables" you consume, or notice they are running low (see this list of expendables)
Enjoy yourself: enjoy nature, enjoy peace, enjoy nearby attractions

Before Departure

Tidy-up: leave the place as you would like to find it next time 
PLAN in advance: the packing & cleanup takes half-a-day; FINAL "departure" takes at least ONE HOUR! 
  • Details
    • Tidy-up: leave the place as you would like to find it next time
    • Air & dry the bed-linnet before packing them up in the boxes or cupboard
    • Tent has to dry & be cleaned before you can put it back into the bag
    • Deflate all the air-matrasses, and fold them & store them
    • the fire needs to be OUT and cold; take the ashes out
    • Put EVERYTHING SMALL away into the boxes & cupboards that can close -- against mice, PUH, and bugs
    • Leave -cupboard-fridges doors slightly open -- enough that the air comes in, but not so much that the mice can go in!!
    • RESTOCK on the firewood
    • Switch OFF all the solar-lamp switches
    • Clean the surfaces , wash the dishes, clean the bathroom
    • Collect the kitchen-clothes & towels & sheets,
      • and either wash&dry them before you leave,
      • or leave them in the way that hey won't hold or be eaten by bugs before next persons arrives
    • Leave the mattress upright on the bed, covered on top with plastic sheeting
      • that protects it from the dust facing on it, and lets it breathe too
    • (working) Fridge
      • unplug the fridge (if possible, hours in advance)
      • leave the doors open, so that it airs
      • wipe off the moisture with the dry-cloth or kitchen-paper
      • leave the door ADJAR -- enough that the air comes in, but not so much that the mice can go in!!
    • Hide all the objects that need to be hidden, in order no to be stolen
    • If you used GAS, make sure the bottle is disconnected from the stove & CLOSE the BOTTLE
    • Take the rubbish with you
    • Write down the value of the electrical meter
  • WATER:
    • close the mains & LET THE WATER OUT down-there (down, at the manhole, close to the bottom of the hill)
    • let the water out of the water-boiler, by using a small hose at the "ventil" in the bathroom
    • let the water out of the washing machine
    • let the water out of the toilet-reservoir; MANUALLY drain the water out of the toilet-bowl with a small CUP; add SALT to prevent freezing
    • let the last bits of water out of all the other pipes

  • Final DEPARTURE checklist
    • is the fire OUT?
    • are the water mains closed?
    • Is the water out of the pipes?
    • Is the window in the sleeping room open? (IT SHOULD BE LEFT OPEN!)
    • the door to the sleeping room should CLOSED (to keep the PUH out)
    • Are the fuses switched OFF?
    • Is the GASS bottle CLOSED?
    • Do you have all your things: luggage, documents, keys...?
    • Did you take all the RUBISH/GARBAGE with you?

Wishlist for Contributions

Small contributions during short stay

  • If you want to HELP with improving the lodge & surroundings, here are some tips / requests:
    • you can collect wood for the wood-stove; and dry it
    • you can chop wood (STILL not sure where, which wood, or where to store - wait till -2018- 2021!)
    • you can write documentation about the use of the house (take photos, publish a blog post, add to this wiki, talk to other people who might be interesting)
    • you can cut the grass around the house
    • you can fix minor things that get broken or are not working
    • you can do the major clean-up
    • you can paint the beams with the anti-woodworm-paint (talk to Arnd first!!)
    • collect nuts
    • make art & beautify the place :)

Larger feature requests projects

  • set-up the Internet: external connection + local wifi; or neighbourhood mesh net?!
  • Build the storage for firewood
  • Build the (pizza-oven (clay? stone?)
  • Build the composting toilet
  • Build the sauna
  • Build the outside shower with sun-heated water container
  • Repair the well!
  • Start a garden, & maintain it
  • Build a green-house
  • Plant fruits in the "lodge" orchid
  • Maintain the orchid (for the big house)
  • Plant HOPS plants
  • Maintain HOPS plants!

Where is What

inside the house

there are TWO disused fridges that do not COOL, they are used as cupboards! 
  • the "small" cutlery is in the drawer INSIDE oft the table
  • the big cutlery is in the top-"drawer" of the right-most "fridge"
  • How to use the wood-fire stove (@@@ ADD INSTRUCTIONS LATER)
  • How does the washing machine works (@@@ ADD INSTRUCTIONS LATER)
  • If you want to use gas for cooking, you have to connect the bottle to the stove with the tube/pipe
  • The electrical oven does not work (2016-2017)
  • There are lots of HIDDEN things, in case of burglary (@@@ ADD INSTRUCTIONS LATER)

around the house

  • the old "stable" is a ruin, be careful of the walls possibly falling down :(
  • the well is not functional.
  • there is a swing on the "linden" tree
  • there is a "Big House" nearby, the first one you see when you drive in. it belongs to my cousins and my parents. for emergencies, you can (try to) get shelter there, os some supplies, like chopped wood. there is NO ONE LIVING THERE during the year, only sometimes the family visits, from Zagreb or Belgrade.
  • the other neighbour is Mara - she lives in Gracac, so she visits her own house more often, possibly every week.


  • Local Medical Resources
    • Pharmacy in Gracac too: Ljekarna Gračac / Mile Budaka bb /023 77 31 21 / /
    • Nearest Medical Center is “Dom zdravlja Gračac” , Adresa: M.Budaka 72, Gračac Tel: +385 (0)23 773 038 //
    • Second nearest is in Obrovac, S.Radića bb, Tel: +385 (0)23 689 130
    • And then - Zadar (65 km away)
  • Urgent medical attention is open for everyone, up to the extent needed, but not free. You must present a Health Insurance card or an European Health Card
Emergency number (+385) 112

About Lika Lodge

Basic Description

  • Lika Lodge a small house, with two rooms:
    • kitchen / living room
      • + bathroom & toilet
    • sleeping room with 3 beds
  • Available
    • Drinkable Running-Water from the municipal aqua-system (voDoVoD) - coming from the spring in Glogovo
    • hot water "boiler" both for the kitchen & for the bathroom
    • Electricity from the grid
      • for the lights
      • for the kitchen equipment
      • for heating
      • for water-boiling (kettle)
    • fully-equipped kitchen (fridge, sink, plates & cups, cooking pans, cutlery...)
      • electrical cooker for cooking food
      • with the gas-stove
      • and the gas bottle
    • wood-stove, more for the atmosphere then for the heating (or cooking)
      • there are some dried branches, outside, to burn
      • fire-starters are in the drawer
      • matches are in the old-fridge-used-as-cupboard
    • bathroom (shower & toilet)
      • with cosmetics: soap, sun-cream, insect-repellent, sanitary pads...
    • electrical heater (fan / builders dryer)
    • 4 electrical blankets!
    • bed-linnen , cushion-covers, duvets, sleeping-bags - enough for 4 people
    • extra tents for extra people
    • one twin mattress
    • two inflatable mattresses, single size
    • hammocks
    • storage-fridges, full of food & kitchen-equipment & spices & coffee & tea
    • plastic Ikea storage boxes, full of equipment for painting, camping, household items...
    • Vesna's spare clothes & shoes
    • BOOKS (mostly in English and Dutch)
    • Solar lamps from Ikea
    • TOOLS
      • screwdriver
      • small hand-shears for branches
      • 2 AXES (since June 2017; if not stolen in the meantime...)
    • Lilac :) a tree/bush
    • Vacuum-pump for snake-poison!!
    • Beer-glasses, big (4)
    • "Coffee-machine" (not electrical)
    • Milk-schuim-klopper

What is NOT there

  • NOT there:
    • There is NO Internet!
    • There is no GARBAGE disposal -- take everything back with you!!!
    • There is not SHOP for buying food nearby
    • There is NO food garden or market or shop or a restaurant at the walking distance
    • Local / public transportation is MINIMAL
    • there is NO hair drier ;-)
    • There are NO (immediate, permanent) neighbours!
    • There are NOT MANY TOOLS available
    • not many umbrellas...

Small things Wish List

  • April/July 2017 // SHOPPING LIST
    • Lamps from Mevius
    • Ball-point pens
    • Pencil-sharpener
    • Crocks / tuin-slippers for children!
    • Organiser for cutlery/drawer
    • Wine-glasses, small (4) (IKEA? TechInc? JuttersDok?)
    • Breakfast-bowls / komertjes
    • Small cooking pan
    • Large cooking pan for pasta / or just an "inlay" ?
    • More umbrellas!
    • "Duster"
    • More head-torches
    • More torches
    • Motor-zaag?!?! Borrow from Camiel??
    • Knife-sharpener
    • FOOD: coarse salt for the mill; peper-korreltjes; BLACK TEA, Tea-filter-bags!
    • Firestarters!!
    • hair drier


Running expenses

  • Electricity: 1 Euro per person per day
  • Other expendables: 1 Euro per person per day


What needs to be restocked periodically, because it gets used up over time 
  • Gas: the propane bottle can be refilled in "Tommy" supermarket ; COST? HOW OFTEN?
  • Firewood : either cut & collect yourself, or had to be bough somehow (still not sure where & how much it costs)
  • Toilet paper
  • Kitchen paper
  • Cleaning supplies: dishwasher liquid, washing powder , all-purpose cleaning spray, SOAP, shampoo...
  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Fire-straters & matches & lighters
  • Candles
  • Sun-cream
  • Insect repellent
  • Sanitary pads & tampons
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Long-stay milk
  • Some staple food (tins, oil, salt, spices, pasta, rice...)

Optional expenses

  • If using the food that is there: pay what you think it's fair, or restock
  • If using communally bought & prepared food: make agreements with the group (estimate, for large groups: 10 Euro per person per day)
  • If using the car that is NOT yours: agree wit the car owner (for gas (to drive you to the shop or attractions), tolls, wear & tear, damages...)
  • If someone provides the Internet over 3G / 4G: share the costs of setup, equipment, subscription, SIM, and running costs


Start of the project: 2013; Main Page:

Plans for the Future

We might organise another LikaCamp in --2018-- 2024: let me know if you are interested!

Even longer term, I would like to attract many people to come and live In Lika, in that area, with us – in a commune, or in a village, or in the little town; in the rural area, in the mountains, on the farms... It will take another 5-10 years to achieve this dream, do join if you like it too!


big jobs

  • with motor-zaag!!
- Cut dry trees into firewood
- cut branches along the lines of electricity!!! 
- Cut “javori “ that are in the way!
  • Make a högekültur garden

medium jobs

- Paint the walls / ceiling: whitewash
- Paint the floor with cement paint
- Paint the bathroom with waterproof paint 
- Paint the beams & woodwork with anti- worm paint 

small jobs

- Cut the “baobab” shoots
- Collect firewood 
- Collect fallen branches & build a new högekültur bed
- Collect rotten logs -ii-
- Rake the leaves &  -ii-

- Collect cow&horse poop &  -ii-
- Collect all the glass bottles around the property & bring to recycling 
- Collect rubbish around the property & bring to bins 
- Cut off all the imelles!! 
- …


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