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Visiting Lika in 2017


Previous visits / other pages:

August 2017


  • Plan: 20-25.8.
    • Arnd will drive from Amsterdam to Krk, pick up Vesna & Alisa & Charlie (& maybe Nana Iris Lara too)
    • Drive with car from Krk to Lika
    • Fly back on 26th from Zagreb; Arnd will drive back to Amsterdam

  • Actually:
    • Bogdan, Mileva & Milka were there 10-28. August
    • We were there 20-24. August (Arnd, Vesna, Alisa, Charlie, Nana, Iris, Lara)
  • Achievements
    • did not kill each other, but just about
    • made most of the ceiling
    • kids made a WONDERFUL theatre-circus-musical show

June 2017

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NEW: Description of the LODGE User:Becha/Lika/Lodge
  • Actually
    • Arrival as planned
    • Departure on the 17th (Saturday), 9PM, by car, all 3 of us
      • Stayed overnight near village "Manojlovici", half-way to Zagreb, in an apartment for rent
      • Continued to Hrelic (flea-market) in Zagreb on the 18th ; met Nikolina there
      • Vesna flew away as scheduled; Evelie & Sicco drew back to Holland for two more days

Activities and achievements

  • Evelien & Sicco managed to find the house all right, on their own, in the dark!!
  • Evelien & Sicco managed to find even the water mains!!
  • Evelien & Sicco visited Plitvice, Nikola Tesla museum, the coast, Tomingaj, Gracac, Bihac (Bosnia), and many smaller places
  • Vesna managed to open the basement of the Big House & borrow the grass-cutter
  • We managed to start the fire, together
  • We found the old-mill along the way,
  • We visited Kruno & met Gijs there, too
  • We've met the bee-keeper, Mara, cake-shop-owner
  • We did NOT climb Lisac
  • Evelien & Sicco left extra equipment in the house
  • Met the PUH - he is back!! Made a video :)
  • Sicco skinned & preserved many dead animals: 2 snakes, and a kuna
  • Vesna collected lots of forest-strawberries & yarrow to dry for tea; made "salve" out of it too
  • Vesna slept in the tent all 4 nights
  • Evelien made a painting & left it as a present for the house
  • Documentation


IMG 7181.jpg
  • Who: Alisa, Charlie, Vesna, Arnd
  • Where: Lika Lodge
  • What: Family Vacation

Travel and Time Planning

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  • Drive from Amsterdam to Zagreb 22-23 April
  • Visit Nikolina & family in Zagreb
  • Arrive to Gubavcevo Polje / "Lika Lodge" on 24rd April (Monday)
    • Visit Kruno
    • Visit Rajko?!
    • Climb Lisac??
  • Leave on 29th April (Saturday)
  • Drive back - Lika -> Amsterdam on 29-30. April


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  • Drive from Amsterdam to Zagreb 22-23 April
    • stayed in the hotel with a pool, in the street called "IRL" :)
    • waited for 1 hour on the border :(
  • Visit Nikolina & family in Zagreb
  • Arrived to Gubavcevo Polje / "Lika Lodge" on 24rd April (Monday)
    • Mileva & Bogdan also - with Mico & Ruzica (in the big house)
    • no-one broke in! no-one stole anything!!

  • Left on 28th April Friday NIGHT -> 2AM!
    • got stuck in the mud at 1PM, in the rain...
    • arrived to Zagreb to return the ladder at 4AM
    • arrived to the border with Slovenia at 5AM and did not wait AT ALL
    • spent Saturday in the Bad Hall / Europa Thermen (Spa)
    • spent the night in the Pansion Srnicek near Passau
    • safely got home on Sunday...

Achievements April

  • Achievements
    • Brought quite some extra things for the house by car (and tools, that we brought back with us)
    • Had wood-fire burning! Not enough to warm the place, because lack of ceiling
    • Visited Nikola Tesla Memorial House / Museum
    • Replaced the lock on the door, and padlock on the gate
    • Sorted-out some administration (payed electricity, payed EXTRA electricity for the "old house" from LikaCamp2016, got non-confirmation about Vesna's birth certificate)
    • Charlie made the kitchen-garden!
    • Alisa klimbed all the trees around the house
    • Arnd & Charlie made a SWING in the LIPA/LINDEN
    • We planted potatoes, together with grand-parents & grand-uncles
    • Met the SQUIRREL again (and made a 1-minute video of her jumping the trees...)
    • Decided to leave earlier, because of rain & long waits on borders & Arnd's back & sleep problems
  • Expenses
    • Payed 50 Euros to the "Big House", for using their electricity during LikaCamp2016
    • Payed 1700 Euros for fixing the broken exhaust on the car, in June 2017 :(
    • Payed 300 Euros for the chimney (200 in Holland, 100 in Lika)
    • Along the way: 2 overnight stays in Germany; highway tolls & vignettes in Croatia, Slovenia & Austria; spa ;-)



October 2016

  • Vesna and Arnd visited Lika Lodge for 3 days
  • With: Mico & Ruzica in the Big House


  • No-one broke into the house!
  • We climbed Lisac!!!
  • Met with builders, decided to NOT let them build the chimney, replace the roof, NOR heighten the walls JUST YET
  • Bought the mattress
  • Swam in the sea, in Posedarje!!

Other Events Nearby in 2017

  • Kruno's event:
    • 24th and 25th June.
    • Center for Creative Solutions located at village Rasoja, near Lovinac, Croatia,
  • Rajkot's house in Kistanje