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It has been my dream since year 2000 to have a sailing library - a boat with books - a LibrarianShip!


My related projects

Boat-related projects

  • "The SDG World Tour: Flying the flag of the SDGs, we will set sail on the ship Clipper Stad Amsterdam on a global mission to connect the world by sailing from Amsterdam to New York in 17 stages between 2020 and 2022. Here, we will organize events and showcase best practices. The SDG World Tour is endorsed by the UN.


Ship of Fools - Theatre Ship -

Stubnitz - Art/Events Ship -

Donautics - Art-boats on Danube! -


Nerdboat -

Hackerfleet -

Co-create a low-tech catamaran ambassador and take him for a great expedition of experimentation and sharing!

Alternative Transport

Tres Hombres - FairTransport - ;

Nordlys IV - ; ;

Greenheart - Sustainable cargo shipping -


The Voice of Peace - |

Women on Waves - | |

Rainbow Warrior - | |

Other Greenpeace ships:

Nomadic life


Boat People

Ijon <>

Maruska Polakova <>

August <>

Franz XAVER <>

Krien Jozeph <>


Giving Books Away

  • To Serbia?
    • *Serbia*-(381)-(0) 63- 8675-946 (GMT +1 hour)
    • SKYPE- HUMANITARIAN100 also Viber and WhatsApp
  • To Croatia?

Sharing e-books

Technology consulting for libraries : -- LibraryBox v2.1: Portable Private Digital Distribution


Downloading content to share in the places with no Internet : for rural communities or refugee camps!

"The Outernet multicast includes the collections of Khan Academy, Wikimedia projects (including Wikipedia), Project Gutenberg, the Open Education Consortium, and much more.

Lighthouse stores the information it receives from Outernet on its internal drive. Teachers and students can connect to the Lighthouse Wi-Fi signal to browse the content.

Lighthouse is like a Wi-Fi router mixed with a hard drive where pieces of the Internet get stored. Teachers can select what content from Outernet gets saved on Lighthouse, so that those pieces are perfect for a classroom setting. Lighthouse can also be connected to an existing school server and Wi-Fi or LAN network.

Share Content Locally -- Add content to Lighthouse and make it available over Lighthouses's Wi-Fi to everyone or to just a few people. Students can turn in homework digitally or a school can add courseware its already using to Lighthouse"

SW for Libraries

  • a library software that can federate between different library instances, the vision being that everything in participating hackerspaces can be globally searched and, if the circulation policy of the item allows it, 'returned' at a different space.


Libraries and GARDENS


Dead Tree Lovers

Library / books people


Shipping events

Water Events

Here is a water monitoring workshop that took place near São Paulo:

Library Events