Four Year Anniversary

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Four Year Anniversary
Date 2015/09/19
Location Techinc, ACTA, Amsterdam
Type Party
Contact Party_Orga_Taskforce

We survived our eternal predicted bankruptcy...
We survived all the debate^Wbikeshedding, ALVs barely...
We managed to live through the trolling, even.
Thus we've been busy... being TechInc for four years!

We celebrate Saturday, September the 19th!
From 13:00 Open day together with broedplaats ACTA
From 18:00 Party Y4Y Techinc Party !! Techinc Y4Y Partyyyy Y4Y !!1

Probably no BBQ weather, but there'll be plenty food options.
Lightning talks or short demos: please contact:

Lightning Talks

(in alphabetical order)

History of Techinc

    by Reality gaps

Mini-camping-hackathon in Lika in Summer of 2016

    by Becha

Moar women in Tech(inc)

    by Becha


    by JinX

State of the space

    by Justa

The way things go now

    by Karina

What's on the wiki

    by Justa


    by Phicoh

More info: see members' mailinglist and/or keep an eye on Four_Year_Anniversary_Party_Orga
Greetings from:
        TechInc Party Orga Taskforce