Cycle Maintenance Workshop

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Cycle Maintenance Workshop
Date 2017/05/20
Time 1400-1800
Location Techinc
Type Workshop
Contact Katje

Does your bike rattle? got a squeak that's been bugging you every time you ride? Fed up with spending money on getting someone else to fix your punctures, but not sure how to do it yourself?

I would like to run a bike maintenance session at techinc on 20th May 2017. The idea is it's an informal session where techinc members can come along with their bike, and myself and anyone else who feels they have skills to offer can help you fix it.

This is aimed at basic maintenance to help keep your bike humming along nicely, not major stuff like packing of bearings, replacing of bottom brackets, anything that needs massively specific tools to do.

As every bike is slightly different, and there are so many standards to choose from, I won't be able to have any spare parts (bar maybe a couple of inner tubes), so if you think your bike needs a part replacing, by all means bring along the part and we'll see what we can do about fitting it. This session is aimed at all bike types, be it your trusty Oma Fiets, favourite road bike, or irony inducing Dutch Mountain bike. Out of politeness to those offering to help with your bike, it would be nice if you could clean off the worst of the dirt before bringing it along.

Typical tasks we should be able to do:

  • Changing tyres, repairing punctures.
  • Truing wobbly wheels
  • Tightening things and general fixing of rattles/squeaks
  • Lubrication of running gear
  • Replace chain.

Tasks we probably won't be able to do:

  • Full wheel rebuild
  • headset replacement
  • Replace and repack bearings (unless you bring the bearings, and the right tool).
  • Bottom Bracket replacement (unless you're lucky enough that I have the right tool to do it).

So if you're interested in fixing your bike up, or just want to learn more about bike maintenance, come along.

If you feel competent doing bike maintenance already, and can offer services either fixing or teaching others to fix, that would be excellent too.

See you there!

Notes for Bromptons

As a Brompton rider/owner I've done pretty much all the maintenance you can think of a Brompton might need, as such I've got most of the tools, so unless you need a hinge pin replacing, assume I've got the tool for the job. If in doubt, let me know in advance and I'll be able to confirm. You'll still need to supply the parts.