ALV October 2014

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ALV October 2014
Date 2014-10-19
Time 19:00
Location techinc
Contact Board
Minutes ALV October 2014/Minutes
ALV October 2014
Date 2014-10-19
Time 19:00
Location techinc
Type Meeting

Added after ALV:

ALV notes , reconstituted from notes made by The_Jinx after the originals got lost: ALV October 2014/Minutes

Next ALV. Sunday 19 October, 2014 at 7PM (19:00)


  • Board elections candidates can be sent till one day before ALV; remember to post it to members list, with explanation of why to vote for you.
  • Minutes will be done "live", using Hackpad or similar; final version will be edited within two weeks after the ALV.


1.1 Number of people present, number of proxy votes, guests?

Proxy form: File:Generic proxy vote techinc.pdf

1.2 Approving the notes from the previous meeting

raw notes and actions summary

1.3 Finalizing agenda (any new points?)


2.1 Financial report 2014, to date

  • monthly reports to be seen here: Financials_2014
  • status of the accounts
  • expectations, based on the number of people paying "minimum" or "recommended" membership fees
  • spendings from the board allowance
  • financial outlook

2.2 Membership report to date

  • number of members on paper
  • number of paying members
  • number of people who are late
  • number of canceled memberships due to late payment

2.3 Notes from the board (Justa)

  • News from the Board:

Board Elections

3.1 Current state of board

3.2 Presentation of candidates and voting

Voteble points

4.1 Duration of ALV (Philip)

It is proposed to add the following statement to the HHR; based on a yes/no vote:

"When the date and time of an ALV is announced, the maximum duration is announced as well. Ideally, the maximum duration is at most three hours. Any items that cannot be discussed are moved to a next ALV, to be organized as soon as realistically possible. The board decides in what order items are discussed but gives priority to items left over from a previous ALV."


Very long ALVs are a bad idea. The board should be allowed to change the order in which items are discussed provided that good progress is made on items the were left over from a previous ALV.


  • Phicoh (organizer)
  • Stef
  • rad0

Added by Vesna: If this points are accepted by vote, the text will be added to HHR.

4.2 Not changing membership fee amount too often (Maarten)

Switching payment-amount can be a serious burden on those keeping the books and trying to make the figures come out correctly. To make things more easy, it is proposed to include the following rule in the HHR to make it more clear to the treasurer what payment consists 'one month' or 'one year' of membership-fee (see also point 4.5, further on)

The following rule would be included in the HHR, based on a yes/no vote:

"Adjusting members' fee amount can ONLY be accomplished by notifying the treasurer *by* *email* of the change, 30 days prior. Misuse by changing too frequently etc. may lead to refusal of the request."

Note that the email of the treasurer currently is ''. "Adjusting members' fee amount can ONLY be accomplished by notifying the treasurer *by* *email* of the change, 30 days prior. Misuse by changing too frequently etc. may lead to refusal of the request."

4.3 Regular fee payment schedule (Maarten)

The following vote is to see if members agree or disagree with the need/desire to streamline, limit and/or organize the way members pay for their membership-fees in a different way. The aim is to make it more clear for the association to know (often) a member is paying and when to expect his payments.

The proposal, to be voted on with a yes/no vote and would get included in the HHR when accepted, reads:

"To streamline bookkeeping, there are ONLY two allowable ways to pay your members' fee: 1) yearly, in one payment. 2) monthly, provided that a set amount is paid at a set date each month."

Note that the proposal does not include a requirement to vote on a date; it is understood that the member in question can decide on a particular fixed day, each month, when he/she will pay.

5 Proposal: the "circle" (Wizzup)

Added: The text below was submitted to the secretary to be included as a point for the ALV, but was agreed upon to not be 'ready' , as such, to be a votable point. It is therefor supplied with the intent to inform the members about a new concept of getting people able to 'do things for the space', outside of being a board-member. Currently, members are already allowed and invited to take up tasks that need to be done, but there consists no framework or 'idea' behind this, at current.

The idea of 'The Circle' is one that is used in (at least) one other hackerspace and might provide this kind of framework. At the time of publishing the agenda, the below text was all that was ready. To facilitate being able to add more text to this proposal (and have members read it, later), a wiki-page was set up at

The idea is to form a group - seperate from the board (and exclusive to any board member) to take over tasks that are not to be handled by the board, but currently are being handled by the board. This can vary heavily, but prime examples are:

  • Overseeing structure of the new space (somewhat late now ;-))
  • Overseeing resolution groups
  • Managing various food supplies, other not directly important tasks

And all other (small and large) tasks that are currently expected of the board.

This group would report to the board on a semi-regular basis (currently not defined).

6. Any other business