ALV June 2023

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ALV June 2023
Date 2023/06/11
Time 15:00 - 18:00
Location ACTA
Contact Board
Minutes ALV June 2023/Minutes
ALV June 2023
Date 2023/06/11
Time 15:00 - 18:00
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact admin at board dot techinc dot nl

Live notes:

Here is the official invitation for our upcoming general members meeting (ALV).

It will be on Sunday, 11th of June 2022 Start time is: 15:00 CET

Please note that for the duration of this ALV, the space is solely available to members of the association who participate in the meeting!

If you cannot make it to the ALV, please find the mentioned Proxy-voting form and make sure to have someone represent you at the ALV.

The agenda of the upcoming meeting:

1. Opening

1.1 Amount of people present, proxy votes

- Proxy vote form:

1.2 Finalizing the agenda; any new items?

1.3 Vote: Approving minutes from last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting can be found:

VOTE: This is a yes/no vote whether to accept the minutes from previous meeting

2. Reports

2.1 Report from the board

The board will present a small overview over the period since last ALV, November 2022 thus far.

2.2 Financial report over 2022

The treasurer will present the financial report over 2022 with a short explanation after which the auditing-commitee will report their findings in having looked it over. After this the assocation is asked to approve the report, to acquit the treasuer/board of any further obligations regarding reporting over 2022. After that, the Auditing committee is thanked and new members for an Auditing Committee over 2023 are asked to volunteer.

2.2.1 Present financial report over 2022

2.2.2 Present findings of Auditing committee

2.2.3 Vote for approval of Financial report over 2022

2.2.4 Vote for acquital of treasurer/board over financial report 2022

2.2.5 Thanking of Auditing committee for their work.

2.2.6 Election of new Auditing committee-members for period of 2023

3. Board elections

Due to having a board with only two members in function, it is critical that this ALV addresses this issue by voting upon the available people for board-positions.

As per the intent of the previous board, a 'Rooster van Aftreden' has been put in place which currently has the Secretary step down in this period.

We have received three applications for board-positions , and the current secretary is available for re-election.

Votes can be made for (alphabetical order):

  • Bakboter
  • Fnoerd
  • Frogeye
  • Karla

While we have received an introductionary notice from one prospective board-member, we have not had time to ask each of them for one, we are not including that one in the agenda but will either have people individually send an introduction to the members-list or collect their introductions and send them as one document before the day of the ALV.

3.1. Voting on new board-members

VOTE: This is closed vote whether to accept candidate(s) for joining / continuing on the board

4. Dispute committee

The dispute committee currently consists of one member. It needs more people to make it functional. Recent events in the association have shown just how essential the tasks of a dispute-committee can be. People who want to help address matters are strongly invited to make themselves available at the ALV.

4.1 Report from the dispute committee

The dispute committee is asked to report over what it feels it can and/or must share with members.

4.2. Voting on new dispute-committee members

VOTE: This is closed vote whether to accept candidate(s) for joining / continuing on the dispute-committee

5. Procedure regarding Code-of-Conduct and dispute-committee procedures reform

This agenda-point is an important one and we ask members to understand the situation regarding there not being a fully completed proposal to include in the ALV agenda at this time. It is being worked on by a good many people, mails on the members-list illustrate that well. Work is ongoing on wednesdays and on the mailinglist (join here, check mailbox/spambox after subscribing:

The work done is on deciding what the best way is to GET a Code-of-Conduct, how to invite people to join that effort and how to make sure it comes to a good outcome. The agenda-point on this ALV is NOT to approve any proposals on a CoC or dispute-process itself, nor to pre-approve aspects of it.

Hence the board has agreed to include this item on the agenda without a fully worked-out text availble. The text for the agenda-point should be available no later than the 8th of June, permitting the people involved in having 2 meetings on successive Wednesdays to get it ready.

Alternatively a fully new ALV would have to be scheduled to be able to move on this matter; requiring another month of time.

5.1 Voting on the PROCEDURE towards revising Code of Conduct and dispute-Committee related procedures

This is an open yes/no vote, possibly combined with a closed-vote if it involves electing members of a work-group

6. Any other business (wvttk)/rondvraag

7. Closing