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nickname Beatskip
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Part of Projects TweakWave, LaserCutter: Laser Cooling Monitor, Schlieren_Imaging_Setup

A Research & Development engineer in biomedical nanometrology that thinks 40 hrs of engineering a week isn't enough.


  • Lasers & Optics
  • (Nano-)Metrology
  • Motion control systems
  • Implementation of cutting edge academic research

Skills & Tools

A short description of my skillset and tools. So if you want help with this or just want to have a nice chat/brainstorm feel free to send me a message or approach me in the space.

Mechanical engineering

I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, mostly geared towards micro-mechanical systems and supporting hardware for Electronics projects. Tools:

  • Solidworks (10yrs+ experience)
  • 3D printing
    • (2012) ORD Bot hadron
    • (2014) Self designed mechanical horrorshow that functioned occasionally as a 3D printer
    • (2015) Slightly better designed freakshow that mostly functioned as 3D printer
    • (2017) First Delta printer design
    • (2018) Second delta printer design
    • (2020) Anycubic photon

Electrical engineering

My EE knowlegde is mainly geared towards the digital and high-speed domain with experience in designing electronics for & implementing software/HDL for Microcontrollers and FPGA's. I can dabble a bit in the analog domain, but historically this has mainly been as minimal supporting knowlegde for the afforementioned digital stuff.

  • VHDL (no, i will not learn/try Verilog)
  • Altium Designer

Software development

Started programming at age 8/9 (groep 6 voor de nederlanders) with Flash actionscript (yes, flash was still cool back then). very useful and fun hobby i have kept up to snuff ever since and has proven time and time again to be a very useful skillset, even for a mech-E. hopped from language to language whatever was relevant to my interests at the time.


  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C# (f'in love it)
  • JS
  • Python (hate it, but accept it's place in the world)

Tech Inc. Projects


  • Laser cutter
  • Tweakwave


  • CNC Machine


  • - none yet -