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| chefserver.ti || || 2001:470:7894:1337::16 || Chef Server || [[User:Piele|Piele]]
| chefserver.ti || || 2001:470:7894:1337::16 || Chef Server || [[User:Piele|Piele]]
| icinga.ti || || 2001:470:7894:1337::17 || Icinga Monitoring server || [[User:Andreasr|Andreasr]]
| [deleted] || || 2001:470:7894:1337::17 || [available] || [[User:Andreasr|Andreasr]]
| im.ti || || 2001:470:7894:1337::18 ||  || [[User:Mattronix|Mattronix]]
| im.ti || || 2001:470:7894:1337::18 ||  || [[User:Mattronix|Mattronix]]

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Space IP List

Public IP Addresses

Currently we have 3 IPv4 addresses. The IPv6 comes through a tunnel via Hurricane Electric.

Address Reverse DNS name Purpose acta.techinc.nl main public facing IP, currently not in use since migration from Nyancat to Mikrotik routerboard ur33.waag.org Connected to Wireless Amsterdam ur34.waag.org Currently our public facing ip, will be used for services
2001:470:1b15:162::/64 N/A Routed /64 subnet which comes with our tunnel
2001:470:7894::/48 N/A Routed /48 subnet assigned to us

Reserved IP Ranges

Ranges reserved for Techinc Services and may not be used without consent from the contact Person.

Range Start - Range End Range Name Range Description Contact Person - STORAGE-NFS Reserved for Dedicated NFS Clients on the NFS VLAN (11) N/A - USERS Reserved for non infra clients N/A - DHCP Range for DHCP assignment N/A - PHYS-INFRA Reserved for physical infra machines N/A - RANGE-15 Reserved for new server deployment from FIFO Mattronix - VMS Reserved for VM's N/A -  ?? Reserved for space infra VM's Mattronix -  ?? Reserved for member VM's Mattronix - ChaosVPN Our /22 network range for ChaosVPN Webmind

Virtual Machines

This is an initial setup, by Piele on 12-11-2014

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 Function Contact
srv1.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::1:1/112 ISPConfig Mattronix
monitoring.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::2 Monitoring server Andreasr
backup.ti N/A Backup Server Mattronix
quessel.ti N/A Quessel Server Mattronix
vpn.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::5 Openvpn Server Piele
cloud.ti N/A Owncloud Mattronix
ldap.ti N/A LDAP server Mattronix
radius.ti N/A Radius server Mattronix
ampache.ti N/A Ampache server Mattronix,Wizzup
techinc.nl N/A Techinc.nl VPS Server Mattronix
sip.ti N/A SIP server Mattronix
git.techinc.nl N/A Techinc.nl GIT Server Mattronix
boot.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::14 PXE boot Arda Xi
ltsp.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::15 LTSP Muse
chefserver.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::16 Chef Server Piele
[deleted] 2001:470:7894:1337::17 [available] Andreasr
im.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::18 Mattronix
pad.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::19 Mattronix
test-ldap.techinc.nl 2001:470:7894:1337::99 test ldap server Mattronix
codeasm-minecraft N/A codeasm-minecraft-server CodeAsm
realitygaps-shardik 2001:470:7894:1337::102 Shardik Realitygaps
theonlyjoey-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::103 TheOnlyJoey vps TheOnlyJoey
mieremet.ti 2001:470:7894:1337::104 Webmind vps Webmind
piele-chefworkstation 2001:470:7894:1337::105 Piele chef workstation vps Piele
sn0wcrash-vps 2001:470:7894:1337::106 sn0wcrash vps Sn0wcrash

Physical Machines

This is an initial setup, by Mattronix on 15-11-2014 This is a table of physical devices that maintain the spaces core services. TODO: change all physical infra to the range, see reserved ip ranges above

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 Function Contact
Glassroom-Switch-001 N/A Glassroom Top Switch in rack used for Servers, Uplink to Urban Resort Switch and Downlink to the Glassroom Switch 2 Mattronix
RED N/A SmartOS Hypervisor Mattronix
UrbanResort-Switch-001 N/A Used to connect to the Fiber Uplink from our ISP and for multiple patches across the space Mattronix
TI-Filer1 N/A Storage SAN/NAS Controller 1 Mattronix
TI-Filer2 N/A Storage SAN/NAS Controller 2 Mattronix
hv1.ti N/A KVM Hypervisor 1 + LXC Piele
hv2.ti N/A KVM Hypervisor 2 + LXC Piele
Glassroom-Switch-002 N/A Glassroom Bottem Switch in the rack used for client access and as an uplink for all the user switches in the space Mattronix
tp-link.ti N/A Wireless Access Point
router.ti 2001:470:7894::1 Core Router for the space, all internet traffic goes though this device. Mattronix