OpenBench LogicSniffer

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TechInc Inventory
Description Logic Analyzer with USB interface
Make OpenBench
Model Logic Sniffer 1.04
Manufacturer Link
Category Electronics
Operational Status Working
Super Users User:the_JinX
Received at 2012/12/22
Acquisition Details bruikleen
Owner User:the_JinX

The OpenBench Logic Sniffer is an open source logic analyzer with a USB interface.

Curent status: NEEDS REFLASH oops!

Please ask where it is and how it works before (first) use :)

  • Capture 50MHz+ waveforms on 32 channels
  • 200Msps captures up to 100MHz waveforms on 16 channels
  • 100Msps captures up to 50MHz waveforms on 32 channels
  • 16 buffered channels, 5volt tolerant
  • M74LCX16245DTR2G transceiver tolerates voltages from -0.5V to +7V.
  • 216K Block RAM supports following memory configurations*
  • 8 channels with 24K sample depth
  • 16 channels with 12K sample depth
  • 32 channels with 6K sample depth
  • External clock and trigger input
  • Allows interfacing with external test equipment and daisy chaining OLS's for additional channels.
  • Internal clock and trigger output
  • 16bit wing expansion header
  • USB interface, USB powered
  • Designed for the SUMP logic analyzer client
  • Open source

BuZz printed me a nice case 3D printed case