Membership ending procedure

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When someone stops being a member, for some reason

  • they want to stop
  • their membership is terminated for some reason

There are some things that need to happen by both the member and the board.

Steps for the member

  • please send an email to, stating:
    • do you have the key? fob? members box? personal things in the space?
    • do you want money back for the fob?
    • why are you stopping?
  • return the key & the fob, take personal things from the space & from the member box.
  • It is good form to send an email to our members mailing list, so that other members know what is going on.

Tasks for the board

  • send email to the member, asking them if they want to fill in the form / answer questions
    • Inform the member of overdue membership dues still to be paid. Note the one-month-term of cancellation
    • do they have the key? fob? members box? personal things in the space?
    • do they want their money back for the fob?
    • why are they stopping?
  • after they have answered, edit the "member administration" DB to mark them inactive, with the date ; delete their passport copy or destroy paper version
  • inform Urban Resort that the fob will be given to another member
  • make an appointment to take the fob back, and the key
  • make an appointment for them to pick up their private things.
  • rename the "member box" and mark it as available for another member to use.