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Bureacrat in action. Notice the clipboard


This page outlines 'input and output' of the board and/or other parts of our organisation, such as commissions, etc. involved in helping run the space.


You could expect a financial report here.


Day-to-Day things involve stuff that any member might run into and might want to help arrange for the space. This includes arranging food, drink and/or other supplies that might be needed.

Drinks Ordering (Mate/special drinks)

Food/drinks and other supplies (supermarket stuff)

List of 'approved' consumables

It was decided upon the ALV of the 27th Oct 2013 that there should be a budget that the board could use to pay for un-announced expenses. The goal of this was to make sure that people who ran into issues such as missing dishwasher-soap,kitchen-towels, etc, could go and arrange for replacements/restocking without having to ask for permission first.

If the item purchased was indeed needed (aka: out of stock) and was on a list of pre-approved items (see below) then the re-imbursement for expenses was to be automatic.

The total amount of money in this budget is €50,- monthly. Non-transferrable to the next month. Items and/or item-classes can be added to the 'approved' list if at least 3 members and one board-member.

The current list:

  • Dishwasher soap (board: arndm, 20131106)
  • A4 paper for printer (board: arndm, 20131109)
  • Ziplock bags for food/items (board: arndm, 20131109)