Workshop NetAidKit (formerly known as S-Box)

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Workshop NetAidKit (formerly known as S-Box)
Date 2015/02/17
Location Amsterdam / TechInc
Type Hackathon
Contact Melanie Rieback / Harm Boertien

Demonstration of the (alpha) version of the NetAidKit.

Since the first hackathon was held at TechInc with a design and requirement session, now it is time to show where the project is and how to progress. Daan will demo and explain what has been done sofar, and discuss open issues where your help is welcome.

Menso created a webpage for the project which you can find here:, including link to github.

The demo / brainstorm session will start at 7 PM!!!


  • Melanie, Menso, Daan, Harm
  • JinX
  • Edwin
  • Stef: i would have liked to be there but since i have a dentist appointment that day probably not :)
  • Becha + Alisa & Charlie (only interested in pizza & arcade ;-)