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Beyond Resilience

Articles about Beyond Resilience

(November 2021)

The Hologram

“Health is not an individual possession but a community responsibility.”

At the intersection of health, the capitalist economy, and community care, we find a feminist art project called “The Hologram”. Artist and activist Cassie Thornton worked collectively with psychologists, artists, organisers, and healers to come up with a practice “to give people an experience of social trust and interdependence”.

Visually, I see it as a tetrahedron - a triangular pyramid with four vertex corners.

Practically, “The Hologram” is a person who receives care from three helpers who are committed to one of the three aspects of her health: medical, emotional, and social. That way, “we can attend to and track the health of people around us through regular conversations (in person and virtual), close observation, and good documentation.”

Theoretically, it developed from the question, “where does the economy end, and where do I begin?”. "The Hologram" was presented at many exhibitions and conferences, such as:

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    • Syllabus: “An open-source, peer-to-peer, viral social technology for dehabituating humans from capitalism”
    • Video: “CARING AS AN ACT OF RESISTANCE”, Radical eXchange 2020
    • Exhibition: "An image of health in multi-dimensional crisis"
    • Online Course for Developing Long-term Peer-to-Peer Health Strategies from within an Emergency
    • Installation (2017):
    • PDF booklet

RIPE Community Resilience

0. RIPE Community Resilience: You are not alone

  1. Physical Layer/ Physiological Needs : Surviving, Self-care, Wellness, Mental Health
  2. Data Link Layer / Safety Needs : Safety Net (Risks, Security, Absence of Harm)
  3. Network Layer / Belonging Needs: Isolation != Empathy, Emotions, Love, Grief
  4. Transport Layer / Esteem Needs : Boundaries, Burnout, Doing Less
  5. Session Layer / Cognitive Needs : Embrace Neurodiversity
  6. Presentation Layer / Aesthetic Needs: Art& Beauty; Climate Chaos; Nature is Healing; We belong to Circles
  7. Application Layer / Need for (self) Actualisation : Web of Interconnections vs Privilege
  8. Financial Layer / Need for Contribution & Community Actualization : Economy of Care, Alternatives to Capitalism, Resisting Inequalities
  9. Political Layer / Need for Transcendence & Cultural Perpetuity: “Each society has the Internet they deserve”