Temp Inc Space Warming Party

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Temp Inc Space Warming Party
Date 2012/05/05
Location TempInc
Type Festival
Contact User:Becha

Space warming for TempInc!

TempInc is a temporary place for the Amsterdam Hackerspace, Technologia Incognita.


Saturday, 5th May - Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberation_Day_%28Netherlands%29


TempInc at 68 Vijzelstraat


From around 3pm in the afternoon we will have members and various people coming to visit. please pop along if you're interested. Everyone is welcome. All ages, sizes and shapes.

From 6pm we are planning to have a small 'unconference of sorts', beer, snacks and chat. We may even have some hacking but that all depends on whether we can get things to the space in time.