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We have recently acquired a separate storage room to free up extra space and/or empty the [future, projected] clean room.
Pending better documentation, here's a list of what we stored there:

  • (some) wood storage
  • one of the ladders (specifically, Aldert's ladder)
  • Open reel recorder (Owner: Amran)
  • hackable old laser printers (donated by Justa)
  • Amplifiers that need to be repaired
  • OHM related leftover mess (Karcher high pressure cleaner, almost all the Cray parts)
  • that massive heavy blue mysterious vending/payment machine
  • the UV light table
  • the second microwave (partly broken)
  • the TL light boxes, pending deployment
  • the table of fire parts (owners Amran & justa)
  • the parts we have for ventilation extension (DNH, owner ultratux)
  • some of the flag t-shirts Vesna gathered
  • some of the surplus cheap yellow soldering irons we bought for events
  • Some heavy materials like motors, valves, lenses, etc (donated by "Den Helder")
  • 2x HP UPS (Donated by Wally, infra team was interested in it) Question from Narya: are these the same as those that were tested by Mat?

There is a storage room group consisting of Ultratux, Narya and Control-K who ought to be contacted for all matters regarding the storage space, ie. what probably ought to go there, requests to not store specific items there, getting access, suggestions, etc.

Nominated for trash

Action point: ask people to take these home, otherwise move to trash. Set a deadline, mail this around (Narya)

  • Small speakers that are probably not going to produce sound sound after repair (labelled, location: glass room)
  • UPS's were tested by Mattronix. Verdict: Dead beyond repair (labelled, location: glass room)

Back in space

  • the A0/A1 paper plotter. Location: Aux room
  • All BBQ equipment and coals. Location: spread over the space
  • excess blue stackable chairs
  • excess white chairs
  • excess shelve parts. Location: glass room
  • excess TFT screens
  • Fabric and wool (donated by dreamer, owner Narya, everyone can use it). Location: on shelves near sewing machines
  • the box of electricity (building) parts. Location: aux room
  • some of the Techinc logo t-shirt stock. Location: clean room?
  • the Kiln/Oven, pending repair (it needs to be fixed). Location: dirty or clean room?
  • some shipment cartons that may come in handy one day. Location: main space

Moved out of space

  • OHM related leftover mess: tent - Narya took it home