PCB Design workshop

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PCB Design workshop
Date 2015/03/15
Location Techinc (initially planned feb 8th, but postponed)
Type Workshop
Contact Brainsmoke


Postponed as I do not want to give you all the flu, I'll try to reschedule soon, sorry

New date is: March 15 2015

We'll start around 15:00

Virtual machine

Virtual machine image with a recent KiCAD build: https://minemu.org/kicadvm/

user: user, password: changeme

Workshop focus

Learn how to design your own PCB and how to prepare the files to send off to a PCB fab. (Making them yourself is also possible.)


What do you need to participate?

  • An idea of what to make
  • A circuit schematic
  • A mouse with scroll functionality (optional)

Schematic ideas

Please add what you'd like to make

  • Led strip(/dome/globe/cube/)... (see polyhedrone)
  • Arduino clone
  • Capacitive touch buttons
  • Carambola2 / esp8266 / ??? breakout board
  • Etching tutorial how to transfer toner ink to PCB drill holes (tools and equipment)
  • Who has equipment in Amsterdam or can etch PCB (where to print the circuits and what is the best medium for PCB toner transfer or developing the circuit on the PCB
  • better methods than PCB etching like using a mill with coordinates to mill the PCB
  • 3d printed circuits is it worth to try conductive filament and 3d print the PCB
  • Jolla 64 rgb led cover ( keesj) in 3d shapeways printed case


Workshop organiser