LTspice workshop

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LTspice workshop
Date 2014/06/13
Location ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact User:Chotee

An hands-on introduction to TLspice (see below)

  • We start at: 19:30. Expect it to last 90mins to 2 hours.
  • Previous skills required: It's about LTspice, but some electronics knowledge will help. If you do happen to know a lot about electronics LTspice is still a tool for you.
  • How many: max 8 people, please register on the Wiki.
  • What to bring: LAPTOP /w LTspice pre-installed
  • Cost: Free

LTspice is a free (as in Free beer) software to simulate (analogue) electronics. You can use it to model all kinds of circuits. It is seriously powerful, but it has a learning curve. This workshop is to save you hours and give a headstart with a very powerful tool for simulating circuits.

Having just basic understanding of electronics (ohm's law?) will be enough to follow this workshop. The focus is to get to use of the software, not the specifics of any circuit.

The workshop plan

  • Initial 15mins talk:
    • Quick overview of LTspice and its interface.
    • Create basic circuits (with voltage source, resistors, capacitator )
    • Analysing voltage and current in the circuit.
  • We try it for ourselves for 15 mins.
  • Another 15mins talk:
    • Adding more complex components (AC Voltages, transistors, etc.)
    • Failure modes of LTspice and how to trick it to work anyway.
    • Adding variables and analysing circuits at different temperatures
  • Build up the circuits people have brought. Play and learn.

If you plan to attend then please:

  1. Register on the Wiki
  2. Bring a Laptop and install LTspice in advance. Consider bringing a mouse if your Laptop is right-click challenged.
  3. Choose some "interesting" circuit that you want to analyse at the meeting.
  4. Optional: Add extra component-sets to LTspice with all kind of common generic components.

Warning: It is expected that you've got LTspice installed and running before the workshop. During the workshop we're not going to spend time installing it.

Who is taking part

  1. Chotee
  2. Luka51
  3. CodeAsm