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Date 2014/03/15
Location (h)ACTAh
Type Workshop
Contact User:Becha

Kids in Space!

Hacking Workshop for Children

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Date: 15 March, SATURDAY

When: 15:00 (3PM)

Where: (h)ACTA, Louwesweg 1 (across the street from Slotervaart hospital)

Who: you and your children! Open to non-members! Ages 6-16 recommended, younger and older also welcome!

What: basic electronics, making key-chains, 3D printing, T-shirts hacking...

$$$: entrance & workshops are for free, materials cost small amounts of money, and expected costs for food is 5 Euro per child (pizza, fruit juice, fruit, vegetables, cookies)




  • Becha (Alisa 10, Veerle 10, Charlie 8)
  • Nana & Thijmen (Iris 7, Lara 4)
  • Mariejel (bringing three children, 10, 8 and 6 years old and two adults)
  • NOSHOW: Epoz (Meta 10, Roald 8) +possibly an extra adult
  • Justa
  • Jip van de Voort (8) en Gijs Houben (8) with Vivien
  • kees & Sam

Total: 11 kids, 9 adults, and 6 extra members minding their own business; or helping


  • Voidz0r: opening the door, 3D printing
  • cmpxchg: VR glasses
  • Marielle - snacks, introductions
  • Thijmen: pizza chef
  • Justa: electronics
  • Nana: T-shirts
  • Alisa & Veerle: sleutel-hangers
  • Becha: logistics, stickers, introductions



Volunteers Needed

  • Door Opening Executive
  • Snacks Master or Misstress
  • Coffee Wizzard and Tea Witch
  • Pizza Chef
  • Chief photographer
  • 3D printer expert

Shopping List

Schedule and activities details

  • Alisa and Veerle will make "slotelhangers maken" workshop; for 5 kids, 1 hour, 5-10 years old
  • Justa & Charlie will do basic electronics
  • Maybe epoz will try and make some paper&glue geodesic domes.