International Open Hackerspace Day 2024

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International Open Hackerspace Day 2024
Date 2024/03/30
Time 10:00
Location Techinc
Type Other
Contact contact

March 30th is the 11th international open hackerspace day(*). Visit a hackerspace near you and find out what hacking is all about!

Curious about what a hackerspace' is? Curious about what hacking is(**)? Then you are invited to come to Techinc to find out!

Maybe you already know what a hackerspace is, and maybe you also know what your definition of hacking is, then you are also welcome to find out what kind of hackerspace 'techinc' is!

What is happening at techinc during international open hackerspace day

At techinc you can:

  • Get a tour of the space
  • See some of the cool projects members are working on
  • See some of the really cool stuff and tools we have
  • Maybe also meet some of the nice people who make techinc happen.
  • Get answers to your questions about our hackerspace and our hacking
  • Have a cup of tea and chat

You can also follow a soldering workshop(***) of about one hour, in which you will:

  • Learn a little bit about electronics
  • Learn a little bit about Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)
  • Learn about soldering using a hotplate
  • Make an electronic name-badge with 40 blinking leds that synchronizes with other badges around it

Participation is limited to 10 persons per session. Sessions will start when there are enough participants.

Other activities may be announced later


(**) Hacking does not need to involve computers.