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Date 2023/08/23
Time 19:00--22:00
Location Techinc
Type Workshop
Contact The0, Li0n

TL;DR: Hotplate SMD Label Soldering Workshop


Tradition dictates that every hacker event has a unique badge. These badges are usually elaborate pieces of electronics with everything-BUT-the-kitchen-sink functionality of actually being a badge - An expensive electronics designer orgasm with scant user value that commonly ends up populating bottoms of drawers.

This year, for, I wanted to create a truly unique badge that doesn't break the bank and that would actually do it's namesake job well - being a badge - so I created "The Label" - a 1 euro piece of electronics that you can write your name on, wear around your neck with a lanyard, with 40 hypnotizing lights blinking in various patterns to draw attention.

To reflect the participatory nature of, participants to the soldering workshop each put together their own label, customizing it by choosing the colors of the LEDs. To assure a harmonious label blinkenfest, each label contains a two-way communication system that will automatically synchronize it to neighboring labels.


In this Surface Mounted Device (SMD) soldering workshop you will use a stencil to put minute amounts solder paste onto specific spots on a PCB, place the components into the solder paste spots with tweezers and then reflow/solder everything in one go using a modified kitchen hotplate. During this workshop you will learn a few things about soldering in general, about SMD work specifically and a few tricks that will make working with SMDs more enjoyable The workshop takes about 1 hr, and at most 10 people can join. If there are more people we can do the workshop twice.

Please respond if you want to join, so we know how much material to bring

-- participants --

  • The0
  • Li0n
  • einnor
  • Tams
  • Jules
  • Frogeye

^add a name here if you would like to participate