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The are the current huishoudelijkregelement (house rules) of techinc.

House Rules


In order to become a member, you are asked to refer to the current Membership procedure, documented on the wiki. Membership

Rule added from the ALV on 26th June 2021

Pricing and payment

  • Membership of Technologia Incognita is set to €25.00 per month for 2022
  • You are able to pay this before the beginning of the year, all at once, for the whole year OR in equal terms, per month, starting from before the 1st of jan.
  • Payment of membership per month should be done before the 1st of each month, in 12 equal terms, every month.
  • Exceptions on the full membership-fee are possible for those who are unable to afford the full price.
  • These exceptions must be discussed with the board and approved beforehand. They are also subject to yearly revision.
  • Memberships for new members start at the moment they become a member, with a cost corresponding to the remainder of that month

One-time adjustment:

   For the introduction of the above pricing-process at the beginning of 2022 the association will calculate how much 'overflow' from the past year every member has that pays towards the first month(s) of the new year. We will contact everyone about this before the end of 2021 about how much to pay for their first month(s).

Rule added from the ALV on 26th June 2021

Non-paying members and overdue fees

When a payment is missed, you will receive an email with a reminder.

  • If after a month the payment is still due, a board member will try to personally contact the member.
  • If after 2 months the payment is still due, your fob will be disabled and an other email will be sent by the board.
  • If after 3 months the payment is still due, you will no longer be a member.

Rule added from the ALV on 26th January 2014

Warning system and revoking membership

When a member has been disruptive to the community (and the board have recevied a formal complaint) they will get a warning from the board.

When three warnings have been given to a member (for different types of disruption) their access privileges will be revoked.

When a member has repeated the same disruptive behaviour that warranted a warning, a second warning will be deemed enough to revoke access privileges.

Rule added from the ALV on 26th January 2014

Schedule of Resignation of Board members

Board members are being elected for a period of three (3) years. Resigning board members are re-electable. The board will create a schedule of resignation that will be updated after every ALV where board elections take place.

Anyone appointed to an interim vacancy will take the place of their predecessor on the schedule.

The default ALV where board members are to step down, is the 'jaarvergadering' Rule added on ALV June 2022

The above-mentioned 'schedule of resignation can be found here: Board#Schedule_of_Resignation


Dispute Committee

There is a dispute committee that adheres to procedure as set out in the Dispute Committee Process.

At the ALV, the term for dispute committee members was set to 1 year and no upper limit was set to records-keeping; making the legal-requirement/maximum the default limit.

The specific form chosen allows for co-opting of people into the dispute committee with help from Board in case there is a need due to too few people being available for the purpose of dealing with a dispute.

Specific information about the process and the members of the committee can be found below:

Subgroups -> Dispute

Rule added from 3.1.3 at ALV on 17th of May 2018

The board shall consider reports from the dispute committee and take any action they deem necessary based on that report and their own judgement. All remedies must have an expiry date, all remedies must be reviewed anually and all remedies must be appealable at an ALV.

Rule added from 3.1.4 at the ALV on 17th of May 2018

Media Committee

Techinc has a Media Committee consisting of people who get voted in at the ALV to handle communication/outreach via our online presences; primarily social media netoworks.

The framework was laid out here and voted into the House-Rules.

Please refer to the page linked above for details.

Rule added at ALV of 17th of March 2018


Discretionary budget

There is a budget of 50 euro per month for 'necessities', this can not be carried over to the next month. Its intended only for small items that are necessary for the running/cleaning of the space. For items to be added the list of necessities, a group of 5 is required. This consists of 4 members and a board member.

For more information see Bureaucrats#List_of_.27approved.27_consumables which includes a list of the current items on the list.

Rule added from the ALV on 27th October 2013

Budget For Repairs

Board is permitted and supposed to repair/replace essential tools and resources that are wholly owned by the space (or were wholly owned in case of items gone missing) when they become defective or unusable due to damage, misuse, random failure or when the item has gone missing.

What is meant by that: purely pre-existing resources that are substantial or indispensable to the well-being of the space, its functioning, or its appeal. Board decides at its discretion what resources/items/tools fall under that definition, and how to best replace them, when/if necessary on a case by case basis. Not included/affected are consumables. Note that there is possibly a grey area here: It's hard to say whether damage to a solder tip, barbecue, saw or leaky cask is due to misuse or normal wear and tear. Then again, if the item is essential to our space, the cause of its demise might be immaterial. In any case, the board, or whomever she delegated this task to, shall make the determination, having weighed all the pro and con aspects.

To set limits to the financial obligations ensuing from this, the following rules will govern this:

  • Not depassing a grand total of 1000 euros per year
  • Limited to a maximum of 100 euros per item/resource, but:
  • with an (one) exception for one 500 euro max item purchase per year.
  • no funds can be transferred to or from a preceding or following year.

If the board believes the financial situation does NOT warrant a purchase then it can be cancelled or postponed. However, in that case the board has to be able to show supporting evidence for that shortage.

To free the board from tasks it has no interest or time to cope with, board is permitted to delegate this task to a subcommittee. Such a committee bears full responsibility to the board about its activities and purchases. If the board feels funds have been misused or wrongly spent, the members of that committee are personally liable for the amounts disputed. If the committee has doubts about a certain potential purchase, board can be asked for advice, in which case the advice from the board will be binding.

Such a committee can be elected by the ALV, but it can also be appointed by the board. Board is under no obligation to delegate the task, so in principle board determines whether it gets delegated and if so to whom. Board bears final responsibility for the purchases and decisions, notwithstanding board's possibility to hold the committee members personally accountable for any money wrongfully spent.

Rule added from the ALV on 24 November 2018

New item purchases

It will be allowed for the board to purchase new items the space did not own yet, but under a significantly more strict set of rules:

  • Not surpassing a grand total of 250 euros per year.
  • no funds can be transferred to or from a preceding or following year.
  • the usefulness for the space and/or the community must be 'generally undisputed/uncontroversial' (yes, bikeshedding notwithstanding ;-)
  • Needs a _unanimous_ board decision (no members may vote against, but neutral/abstain is allowed)
  • This specific right can NOT be delegated away by the board.
  • Not allowed when financial situation does not warrant it
  • Must be a unique new resource, can not be similar/equal to something we already own.

However, the item may be a part of a larger thing that we already own but is not functional because it lacks the item that gets purchased. Ie. it does not have to be a standalone item, it can be a spare part of a larger entity. We do have to already own that larger entity though.

Rule added from the ALV on 24 November 2018

Storage for members AKA "Memberboxes"

Board is permitted -and encouraged- to purchase, if and when a suitable deal presents itself, a set of extra memberboxes. This both to address the current shortage and also to try help prevent or decrease the sometimes wild proliferation of various strange storage containers. This permission limits the maximum price per memberbox to 10 euros, and the maximum amount spent overall to 300 euros. This a one-time thing, it does not get renewed at the end of the year, but it also doesn't expire. Previous missed deals have shown that 300 euros should likely be sufficient to purchase up to about 60 memberboxes max.

Rule added from the ALV on 24 November 2018

Use of the space

Liability and responsibilities

The below are a set of rules that should be taken into account when in the space, using the space or allowing visitors. It is intended to have these be known by new members through the membership-process, as well as visitors through posting them in a visible spot in the space.

1 The use of the space for any purpose or leaving possessions in the space is entirely at your own risk. Neither damage, theft or loss is covered under insurance unless you arranged for this personally.

2 Vereniging Technologia Incognita cannot be held liable for the effects or results following from the conduct of a third party. This includes visitors to the space.

3 Members of the space are required to follow all and any safety instructions provided and to indicate to others to do so, too. Some tools have special provisions for making use of them in a safe manner. These will be provided with the tool in the form of text or a URL. It is the responsibility of the user to check these for updates/errata.

4 Members and visitors not of adult age are only allowed to make use of chemicals or electric 'power tools'  after permission by, and under the supervision of, an adult member of the space or parent or legal guardian of the person in question.

5 Any visitors to the space who are not of adult age are welcome as long it is understood that neither the space nor its surroundings are necessarily a safe space. Supervision must be provided for by parent or legal guardian of adult age.

Rule added from ALV of 18th of June 2022

Usage of photo/video equipment in the space

_ALL_ Video/Audio/Photo taking/recording is not allowed, unless everyone who would be on the recording has been asked explicit permission. Taking pictures of the space is allowed; use common sense.

Rule added from the ALV on the 6th of April 2013

Storage Bureaucrats

It was voted that some people become responsible for the storage space. For more information see Bureaucrats which includes a list of the current storage bureaucrats.

Rule added from the ALV on 27th October 2013

Dangerous, Heavy or fragile machinery

Some machines can be marked 'instruction needed' by the owner or board. This means instruction is required before a member can use the machine for the first time. Qualified instructors will be the owner/maintainer of the machine or members that previously received instructions for this machine.

Rule added from the ALV on 9 May 2014

Use Of Tools Outside The Space

For any and all tools that either:

  • belong to the hackerspace,
  • belong to a member, brought to the space for general use,

the following rules pertain:

  1. Non-members can only use tools in the space upon agreement beforehand. No non-member shall take a tool outside of the confines of the space.
  2. Use of tools outside of the space shall be limited to incidental short-term usage of at most a couple of hours, no longer than half a day and they are used no further away than the direct perimeter of the building/parking-lot.
  3. Taking tools home or to other locations shall not be done by anyone unless agreed upon beforehand by the board or any body of people they choose to delegate these kinds of decisions to at a later time.
  4. Mishandling of tools *can* have repercussions/consequences for the person(s) involved. This is to be judged by board, or delegated to a body of their choice to handle and be responsible for. Breakage of a tool does NOT automatically lead to repercussions.

The following notes apply:

  • Members who are the owners of a space-loaned tool/item get to decide themselves about the usage of their tools/items and are thus exempted. They also get to decide if someone can loan/abuse/take these respective items.
  • Board has a responsibility to negotiate with tool-owners before deciding to loan them out to anybody.
  • Tools are understood to be used responsibly and brought back in proper state, properly clean and ready for re-use.
  • Tools are to be brought back to their designated location, if any. Or at least in a suitable location, in any case.
  • Breakage of tools is understood to be a natural consequence of usage. No fines/punishments are to automatically follow upon breakage; it is encouraged to report tool-breakage/shortcomings/malfunctions upon noticing by reporting to or a specific method, decided upon in the future.

Rule added from the ALV on 24 November 2018

Tool Guardians

  1. The board may designate certain members of the space to function as 'tool guardians' for a particular region/subset of the space. The member in question must, of course, agree. If a person is no longer a member, the status consequently ceases to exist. Any member can ask to be considered for such a status.
  2. The board also reserves the right to retract the above mentioned status upon their own discretion. Members can protest the functioning of any particular tool-guardian region/subset through an Official Techinc Poll or at an ALV.
  3. There may be more than one such tool-guardian for any particular region/subset of the space who will have joint responsibility and are required to find agreement on matters amongst themselves in any manner they see fit.
  4. A tool-guardian is to be seen as the authority on the usage/storage/maintenance of tools/provisions/etc of whatever section has been designated to be under his 'watch'. It is understood to be a privilege AND a responsibility, as well as a potential burden.
  5. In principle, one is to make sure to understand and adhere to a tool-guardians provisions for usage of the region/subset they govern. The tool-guardians have a responsibility to have it be clear what, if any, these provisions might be and to maintain their documentation and evolution.
  6. A tool-guardian does NOT get special provisions on the usage of whatever they govern over. They do not get exceptions or enjoy any particular benefits other than being seen as someone who 'should be someone who should know'.

Rule added from the ALV on 24 November 2018

Hosting friendly organisations

Per year, the association is able to allow outside organisations to use the space for a total of 24 days, divided over as many groups/parties or less.

The board serves as the party responsible for: acceptance, planning, compensation and is given a mandate to decide these things.

Compensation for use of the space is assumed; however this can be brought down to €0,- if warranted for parties TechInc deems beneficial to the association in other ways than just monetary.

Additionally, acceptance of any group is subject to member-approval beforehand. Details about compensation and frequency will be included in the consultation.

The planning of days available to any and all groups is performed by board with member-input and should not clash with any big events or pre-planned activities whenever possible. This explicitly included socials and alv's and such.

In case of scheduling-clashes that cannot be resolved otherwise, any member/space-related event gets precedence.

Rule added from the ALV on 20 November 2021

Concerning General Member Meetings (ALV's)

Each agenda point to have an owner / maintainer

All points proposed to the agenda of the ALV will have a designated maintainer. In principle this will be the originator of the point but the responsibility can be transferred or shared with mutual agreement of the current maintainer(s) and the prospective maintainers. The maintainer has a responsibility to appear during the ALV to present the point and provide clarification. Failure for the maintainer to appear on the ALV, will make the point eligible for transfer to the next ALV by the board.

Rule added from the ALV on 9 May 2014

Maximum Duration ALV

When the date and time of an ALV is announced, the maximum duration is announced as well. Ideally, the maximum duration is at most three hours. Any items that cannot be discussed are moved to a next ALV, to be organized as soon as realistically possible. The board decides in what order items are discussed but gives priority to items left over from a previous ALV.

Rule added from the ALV on 19 October 2014

Decision Making

Official Techinc Poll

To be able to make decisions on things in a coherent and clear manner, a mechanism was adopted that would foresee in conducting polls through email. The Huishoudelijk_Reglement/Proposed/Official_Techinc_Poll was proposed on the ALV of 2018-03-17 , point 3.1. The full mechanism is documented here, containing only the accepted segments.



Technologia Incognita can decide to accept or refuse donations. As a base principle, donations will always be accepted. No donations will bestow its donor any rights or influence.

Added at ALV 2021-06-26

Sponsorships and sponsors

Technologia Incognita can decide to accept sponsoring of the hackerspace, or to refuse such. As a leading principle, Technologia Incognita desires to remain independent, and as such will accept sponsoring only for particular events. Sponsors who desire to use their sponsorship for the purposes of advertising will need to discuss and agree upon any and all such intensions beforehand. No other rights or influence can or will be given.

Added at ALV 2021-06-26

Non-board data-access

The board can decide to allow a non-board member of their choice to have access to member- and/or association-related data. This non-board member cannot be a non-association member. The type of data involved and the access-method employed is for board to decide.

Any such person will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement provided by board. The exact phrasing of this agreement is up to board to take care of, but must cover the intention of such an agreement; ensuring the safety and integrity of the data involved and will employ sensible but workable security practices.

Willful failure to adhere to the terms of the Non-disclosure agreement can be used as grounds for terminating membership. Board will stay responsible for the data they allow to be worked on, as well as the people they authorize to do so.

Added at ALV 2020-09-05

Changing the House Rules

Items in House Rules can be added/tweaked or removed by a majority vote at the ALV.

For proposed additions to the huishoudelijkregelement see Huishoudelijk_Reglement/Proposed