Group Soldering Session

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Group Soldering Session
Date 2023/04/26
Time during the social, in the evening
Location Techinc
Type Workshop
Contact Contact

During this week's social, we are going to be soldering together some techinc badge kits. Join us! If you don't know how to solder, there will be people who are happy to teach you. Bring your own soldering projects too if you want! If you have spare soldering irons lying around, consider bringing them, as we do have more kits than soldering irons at the space. No set starting time yet, we'll start whenever people are in the mood.

The kit in question:***_home_Techinc_Solder_Kit

Note: this time there is a very limited supply, so they may already be sold out by the time you read this.

If you missed out, there is always the opportunity to buy a similar kit that looks roughly like this: The main difference is that the pcb is rectangular and green instead of round and black, but afaik they both function the same.