Dutch Open Hackerspaces Day 2013 agenda

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Time What do we do?
13:00—17:30 is when we lounge about playing music, singing, educating and generally wondering whats an acceptable time to start drinking. there will also be various activities including 3D printing, soldering, electronics and a bristlebot workshop for kids.
17:30Pizza is ordered
17:30—19:00 is when we wait for pizza and eat

is when we have presentations & lightning talks, with short breaks between talks

19:00Realitygaps - A (Short) History of Techinc
19:15BECHA - Karma Server: Tag all my mailing lists
19:30HakIT - Easy IPSec & security @ Home (Cryptoparty like)
19:45amx109 - Observe Hack Make 2013
20:00Break / Intermission
20:15Narya - "Hacking the DNA", 10-15 min (pdf)
20:30ZTiK - ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the microcontroller’, ~5 min about my first experiences with electronics & a microcontroller.
20:40Wizzup - Subject unknown. Either something gentoo-y or rubber-y. (Or both)
21:00Suprise Talks & Powerpoint Karaoke
21:30—late is when we do more lounging etc