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SubGroup Tools
Status Pending
Type Infrastructure
Contact User:justa

The donated cabinets with parts need to be sorted through and properly labelled with it's contents. There's now three main groups of cabinets; 1) One next to the soldering-tables 2) One in the dirty room 3) One (new) under the tool-racks.

In rack 1: There are mostly electronic or electromechanical parts. Think resistors, capacitors, coils (RCL), but also diodes and other semi 'active' stuff. Also switches, speakers.. the works.

It would be great if we could get the RCL-part sorted and properly laid out and checked. Making a subdivision between 'electronics' and 'electromechanics' would also be great. Also: getting the 'nonsense' stuff or 'one-off' stuff identified.. as well as 'missing stock'. MOST importantly: Label all of it; on the drawers.

About rack(s) number 2: Same issues here; lots of parts, some labelled but a lot of it isnt. A simple 'Screw/bolt' section would be great; together with nuts/etc. Ordered on shaft-diameter basis, type, etc. See a typical GAMMA/PRAXIS for ideas on what is handy. The other stuff in the drawers fall apart in different categories. Some are tools (bits, etc), some are parts.. Also quite easy to work on. Again: lots of stuff not labelled; some stuff not even identified.

Rack number 3: not quite sure what's in there currently. It's a small section, perhaps best fitted with tool(related) stuffs, given it's proximity to the tool-board.