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Date 2014/02/24
Location ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact Melanie

Capture The Flag evening - Part 8

  • 24 February, 2014 - 7 PM
  • Please bring along a laptop with you!!!

General CTF Info

Codegate Retrospective

  • We're happy with our performance at the Codegate CTF!
  • Exploiting assembly code with a debugger is still one of our largest hurdles (with the exception of a few people)
  • Discussion of problems - we discussed: Weirdshark and 120
  • The write-ups for Codegate on CTFtime.org still aren't available yet!
    • We'll email a link to the write-ups when they are available, and can discuss them on the mailing list.

Infra issues

  • Marielle saved a copy of the pad contents from Riseup.net (before it disappears), and will email a link to the ctf mailing list
  • We need a better way of sharing stuff
  • Dimitris setup some great infra, including a file uploader
    • Melanie sent a link to the CTF mailing list with the URL and the login credentials
    • Melanie wasn't able to successfully upload IDA Pro though -- file size limit issues
    • Another limitation is that we can't arrange things into folders ourselves
    • Coolfile also setup a Knuffelhackers (FTP) server, (and emailed the details to the ctf list), since 2 options are better than 1  :-)


  • IDA Pro was AWESOME for decompiling and reversing!!!
    • We definitely need to have an IDA Pro reversing evening -- we'll plan this in
    • But first we need to share it with everybody
    • Melanie created a Windows VM with IDA. She can share it with everybody once the file sharing infrastructure is ready..

Next CTF

  • Next CTF? We are thinking that 1 CTF/month is a good amount.. enough to keep us in practice, but not too much to burn people out (because CTFs suck up an entire weekend.)
    • If VUBAR plays on other weekends, that is always an option for people who want to play more than once/month
    • We aren't sure yet which one we want to do. We are going to look at ctftime.org, think about it, and come back with ideas next week

Intro to x86 Disassembly

  • We went through pages 19-30 on the beamer, and interactively with GDB in the live CD, with people asking questions
    • Homework: read pages 1-30 of 'Hacking: the Art of Exploitation' in detail (following along in the Live CD)